How Jason Kelce Really Feels About Brother Travis Heading to Super Bowl LVIII

Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce

Jason Kelce offered his unfiltered opinion on younger brother Travis following the Kansas City Chiefs' AFC victory over the Baltimore Ravens last night and the Kelce brothers' emotional moment on the field.

While wearing a "Big Yeti" shirt, Jason told reporters that he's "unbelievably happy" and "can't wait" to watch his brother face off against the San Francisco 49ers during this year's Super Bowl.

“There’s something about [Chiefs head coach] Andy Reid, there’s something about Travis Kelce, something about Pat Mahomes, and their defense showed up today, it really did,” Jason shared on Sunday, Jan. 28. “They’ve been great all year long, they’re tough with playing arguably the best quarterback in the league this year in Lamar Jackson and they showed up.”

Despite the Chiefs' track record during the 2023-2024 season–and their history of making the final game four times in the last five years–Jason still expressed a little bit of surprise and admiration over the team's most recent accomplishment.

“I don’t think anybody knew how this game was gonna go,” he said. “I think anybody that saw it, whenever you’re in the conference championships, you know it could go either way.”

“There's something about the team, the chemistry, the camaraderie, that you really saw tonight,” the 36-year-old added.

Jason's enthusiasm continued: “They’re in the dance, they’re in the show. It is so hard to make it to the Super Bowl, they’ve been in what, four of the last six? So it’s remarkable to think of how good they’ve been in this tenure since Pat Mahomes has taken over and obviously unbelievably happy for them, unbelievably happy for Andy, and I can’t wait to be in Vegas and watch this matchup.”

The big game is slated for a 6:30 p.m. EST kick-off on Sunday, Feb. 11, and many fans are already speculating that the Kelce family will not be the only stars in the stands, but that Swift will also be in attendance to cheer on her boyfriend.

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