Will Jason Kelce Post-Retirement Life Be Detailed in a Documentary?

Jason Kelce

On the heels of Jason Kelce officially announcing his retirement, fans of the former Philadelphia Eagles wonder: What's next?

The sky's the limit, given the massive popularity of Jason and brother Travis Kelce's podcast, New Heights, and the success of the Prime Video documentary, Kelce. It only makes sense for fans to hope for Jason's post-retirement life to get its own documentary—and they might get their wish.

Directors Don Argott and Sheena Joyce, the duo behind Kelce, have continued filming Jason following his NFL retirement, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

"We're here for the ride, and we'll be on it as long as they'll have us," Argott told the publication.

On March  4, the elder Kelce brother, 36, announced his retirement after 13 seasons with Eagles. The 40-minute speech gave shout-outs to his wife, Kylie Kelce, his parents, Donna and Ed, Travis and more. Jason also invited Argott and Joyce to the team's practice facility to witness the milestone moment.

"In a way, we've kind of been making the Jason Kelce retirement documentary all along," Joyce told the newspaper in reference to Kelce. "I don't know where we're all going to end up with this [footage] but we're honored, and really feel privileged to be included in his life like this."

She continued: "When he called us…all I could do was congratulate him, because I know what a difficult decision it was to come to, and how heartbreaking it is to put a period at the end of that sentence."

As of writing, it is unclear if or when the footage Argott and Joyce have been filming (and will continue to film) will result in another documentary. But fans of the Kelce family will eagerly tune in if it does.

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