Jason Kelce Jokes He Could Have Taken His Viral Chiefs Appearance One Step Further

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce may not have intended to go viral over his shirtless shenanigans at Sunday's Chiefs game, but while speaking with his younger brother Travis, the Philadelphia Eagles center joked that he could have taken it even further.

His comment was made during the most recent episode of the Kelce brothers' New Heights podcast, as Travis reflected on his older brother's "pure pandemonium" moment at the game.

The 34-year-old tight end compared the footage of Jason at the Chiefs-Bills game on Jan. 21 to the 2003 comedy starring Will Ferrell.

"It was like a scene out of Old School where Will Ferrell's running," Travis quipped before going on to quote the film. "'We're going streaking!'"  

The 36-year-old father of three, surprisingly (or not) agreed. "If one of these Bills Mafia would have said 'We're going streaking,' I would have...I was full in on the Bills Mafia," he chuckled. "I would have been right there with them."

As for why Jason was shirtless in the first place, it wasn't solely because he was feeling spontaneous as he warned his wife, Kylie, about his plans before he jumped out of the box. But the magic and momentum created by the Bills Mafia was definitely part of his reasoning.

"I don't know, I just got so caught up in everything," he shared. "It's mesmerizing."

As for how Travis felt about it, he explained that he "didn't know it was going on at the time," but now that he's seen the video and screenshots, he's considering asking a painter to immortalize the picture of Jason shirtless "screaming out of the suite" with a beer in hand–nothing like some brotherly love!

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