Jason Kelce’s New ‘Job’ After Retirement Unveiled by Former Teammate Beau Allen

Jason Kelce and Beau Allen

Days after his retirement announcement, it appears that Jason Kelce has already landed a new “job” at least one of his former teammates is excited about.

In a March 9 tweet, Beau Allen shared a photo of himself sitting in a vehicle next to Kelce as they headed for the Philly Show, a sports memorabilia event this weekend in Philadelphia. Allen, who began his NFL career as a defensive tackle with the Philadelphia Eagles before playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New England Patriots, sat in the passenger seat as Kelce, 36, drove.

Allen, 32, jokingly wrote on X that he “needed a ride” to the event, and “thankfully this jobless bum could drop me off.” He added a hashtag to imply that Kelce was serving as his Uber driver for the day.

Kelce has inspired widespread speculation about his next role now that his NFL retirement is official. For weeks after the Eagles’ 2023 NFL season ended in mid-January, it was unclear if the father of three would return for another season or decide to walk away from the game after spending 13 years playing as an Eagles center.

Kelce finally announced his decision to retire during an emotional March 4 press conference in Philadelphia. His parents, wife and brother Travis Kelce were in attendance to offer Kelce their support.

Allen, who retired from the NFL in July 2022, was one of many professional athletes who offered Kelce retirement advice in the weeks leading up to his announcement. During a mid-February episode of New Heights, the podcast Kelce hosts with his brother, Allen warned his former teammate that life after the NFL takes time to adjust to and can be “a little boring.”

Kelce also expressed concern about his post-football life last month, telling his former teammate, Chris Long, that while he found it “exciting” to think about what the future could hold, it was also “daunting” and “nerve-wracking” to face the uncertainty of what will come next.

For now, Kelce told fans he is most “looking forward” to focusing on “something that’s not football” and revamping his diet for his post-NFL life.

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