Jason Kelce Expresses Health Concerns Over Frequently Used Household Item

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce is opening up about a bizarre hatred he harbors for an otherwise beloved-by-many household basic: candles.

In case you missed it, on last week's episode of New Heights, the brothers were stunned to learn of a "Smells Like Travis Kelce" candle that fans had created with no real insight into how the tight end actually smells, while Jason was seemingly disappointed to learn that nobody had given him the same honor.

Well, fans jumped into action in the week between, as the Eagles center announced during the latest episode that the podcast's fans had "fixed that," but it turns out that it was not a thinly-veiled plea for his own inspired scent, leading to Jason's candle revelation that he is staunchly "anti-candle"—specifically, scented candles.

"I am pro-unscented candles," he clarified. But he sees an invisible danger in scented candles. "There's no way that's healthy for you. There's no way chemicals being burned by a flame and going into the air to the point that you can smell them is good for you. There's no chance."

Travis wasn't sold, telling his brother, "I think it's indifferent. I don't think it matters."

"Nah, it's unhealthy," Jason doubled down. "I hate scented candles with a passion." So much so, that if he enters the room to find his wife Kylie has a candle lit, he'll blow it out immediately, joking that he distracts her first so he can do so unseen.

Travis asked what his alternative was to improve the scent of a room, but Jason likes to let the room decide what it's going to smell like.

"I don't ever have a problem with the way the room smells," he said. "It's just a room; the room is what the room does."

You know, we've really come to love Jason Kelce, but we're going to have to argue about this one.

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