Jason Derulo gets Oura ring stuck on his finger. Here’s what to do if it happens to you.

Pop singer and TikTok star Jason Derulo recently got his finger stuck in his Oura ring and had to get creative to remedy it.

On Aug. 21, Derulo posted a video showing how his finger had swollen overnight while wearing an Oura ring, a health-tracking device.

“Just got swollen overnight and tried to take it off with oil,” Derulo said. “When I iced it, it came down a little bit. … When I went to the gym, my finger swelled up even more.”

The Oura ring is a smart device that tracks sleep patterns and gives wearers a score based on how well they slept the night prior. During the daytime, the Oura ring detects activity, counts calories and tracks a user’s heart rate.

Derulo used several options to take the ring off, trying oil and WD40. Yet none of those methods worked, and the ring had to be cut and removed.

Even after seeing what happened to Derulo, many of his viewers felt comfortable with wearing Oura rings and didn’t blame the device.

“I actually had a oura ring its so accurate your sizing was wrong,” replied @roseelandd.

“The navy gave us free oura rings for a sleep study you just don’t get size right because it’s accurate to your finger,” commented @daishaaaa6.

There are a few reasons a ring can cause a finger to swell, according to Healthline. It can be because the ring is too small, the finger has grown or swelling has happened due to trauma.

If a ring gets stuck on your finger, there are a few household items you can use to get it off before calling for help or even going to the hospital.

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) says that Windex could be the key to getting a stuck ring off safely. According to ASSH, people should spray Windex on the finger, elevate it for five to 10 minutes and then use dental floss or another type of thread to get it off.

Coconut oil, shampoo and even lard can be lubricating substances to loosen the ring as well. If the finger is swollen, icing it to reduce swelling is recommended. If none of those methods work, seek medical attention.

Derulo eventually got the ring off with the help of a ring-cutting device, but for him and others in the same situation, things could’ve been much worse.

“If you wait too long, you could be at risk of loss of function or losing the finger entirely, depending on how things go with the ring,” Dr. Eric Adkins, emergency medicine physician at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, told Health.

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