Jarred Pickles Are The Key To Giving Store-Bought Hummus A Zing

hummus with sliced pickles on top
hummus with sliced pickles on top - Fdastudillo/Getty Images

Sometimes, you bring home a container of hummus from the store that doesn't meet your expectations. Whether the texture isn't quite smooth or the flavor isn't "giving," there are plenty of ways to upgrade your store-bought hummus at home — jarred pickles being one of them. Loved for their unique, tangy flavor and crisp texture, pickles may not be the first ingredient you think of when preparing or shopping for hummus. But, there's a reason why it's listed as one of the 13 additions to boost your hummus's flavor.

Dill pickle hummus is made for pickle lovers, and if you're one of them there's likely a jar of them sitting in your fridge already. Should you ever break open a container of store-bought hummus that could use a bit of zing, a few drops of the brine on the top will do just the trick. Much like how hummus is served in restaurants, you can make a well in the center using a spoon, pour in some olive oil, and add a few drops of pickle juice and dill to make it fancier.

For the real pickle lovers reading this, you can even take it further by chopping the pickles and using them as a garnish. Not only will you get that signature tangy flavor, but you'll also get a bite of their snappy texture with every dip. Dig in with pita bread, crackers, cucumbers, or, if you just can't get enough, more pickles.

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Pickle Hummus Knows No Bounds

bowl of hummus with pickles
bowl of hummus with pickles - Martinturzak/Getty Images

The pickle possibilities don't stop there. While dill pickles might be the most popular, many different types of pickles don't get enough appreciation; what better way than to use them to amp up your hummus? For instance, with the extra addition of garlic, kosher pickles will give your hummus another dimension of savory flavor. Bread and butter pickles,  on the other hand, give a touch of sweetness. Chopped up as a garnish, you'll enjoy the flavor and texture of whatever pickle you choose. Plus, with more or less juice, you can use the brine to give your hummus a consistency that works as a dip or a spread.

Beyond the types of pickles you use, there's also the question of what flavor to go for. But, that all depends on the flavor of hummus you bought. Garlic hummus, plain hummus, pinenut hummus, and onion hummus are classic flavors that naturally lend well to a bit of pickle flavor, but you by no means have to stick to them. Beet hummus, red pepper hummus, and even spicy hummus could all work well with some pickle zing. Just don't forget to consider the flavor of the pickles. Garlic, horseradish, dill, and white mustard seeds are most commonly used, but you can also find different varieties of spicy, herby, and umami pickles on store shelves.

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