Jane Seymour’s unusual beauty routine that she swears by ‘religiously’

Jane Seymour has revealed the surprising product she uses to keep her skin looking youthful in a new interview.

The 72-year-old actor, who was a Bond girl in the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die, swears by baby shampoo to cleanse her face twice a day.

Seymour said: “I clean my face religiously morning and night. I use baby shampoo… That’s about it in terms of the one thing I do religiously.”

Speaking to Saga Magazine, the East of Eden star also gave readers insight into how she maintains her health.

As a fan of Mediterranean food – a diet that has been said to carry numerous health benefits – Seymour added: “I don’t eat much meat. I exercise, but I don’t exercise every day.

“I have a Pilates reformer machine at my home in Malibu, but maybe twice a week if i’m there, I go to a lady across the road who has the same machine, as I’d never do it myself.”

According to the Daily Mail, Seymour also revealed that she does a fast “every now and again”, claiming that doing so “resets the body”.

In order to keep herself looking young, she dyes her hair every three weeks. Seymour said she has tried Botox in the past, but “it doesn’t really work for me as an actor because it limits expression”.

The Golden Globe-winning actor has previously opened up about dealing with a number of infidelities during her four marriages, all of which have ended.

Jane Seymour (Getty Images)
Jane Seymour (Getty Images)

She told The Times last year that infidelity was her “ultimate red line”, and while she fought for each of her marriages, she is “not very good at betrayal”. “I don’t do well with it,” she added.

Seymour has been married and divorced four times. Her ex-husbands include theatre director Michael Attenborough, his friend Geoffrey Planer, manager David Flynn, and actor and director James Keach.

She was married to Attenborough in 1971 for two years, and later to Planner in 1977 for one year. Her marriage to Flynn resulted in two children, Katherine and Sean, but he cheated on her and left her bankrupt 10 years after.

Her most recent marriage was to Keach. They share two children, John and Kristopher, and divorced in 2015 after 22 years together.

In her recent interview, Seymour described the aftermath of her relationship with Flynn ended as “one of the most awful periods of my life”.

“But it was the very next day after I discovered I was pretty much homeless that I was offered the role in Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman,” she recalled. “So when terrible things happen, good things can happen too. I chose not to dwell on the negative.”

Last April, she spoke to The Independent and recalled a time when she experimented with recreational marijuana.

“I have tried it, but weed and I don’t get along either,” she said. “I remember being incapable of stopping eating. I had to eat everything in sight. I don’t like being out of control – but I can play it.”