Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Emotional Photos From Oscar Nomination Moment

Jamie Lee Curtis

In honor of Oscar nomination day, Jamie Lee Curtis is looking back on one of the most pivotal days of her Hollywood career.

The Halloween actress, 65, was nominated for an Academy Award for the first time ever in 2023, earning a nod for her supporting role in 2022's Everything Everywhere All at Once. As we now know, Curtis even went on to win the category, receiving her first Oscar at age 64 after spending decades in the film industry.

To commemorate the momentous day an entire year later, Curtis took to Instagram this week to share her raw reaction after first getting the nomination news—and the candid photos, captured by one of her friends, are nothing short of priceless.

"Last year at exactly this minute, one of my best friends, Deborah Oppenheimer, texted me that she was sitting outside my door in the dark wondering if I might want company when they announce the Oscar nominations for 2023," she explained in the caption of her Instagram post on Tuesday, Jan. 23. "She sat with me at 5:30 and held my hand and managed to capture, probably the most profound moment of my professional career with her phone."

The photos, all shared with a black-and-white filter, show the Haunted Mansion star's very animated display of emotion after hearing the big news. In just a series of photos, Curtis is seen experiencing nerves, then shock, excitement and eventually, undeniable joy.

The last photo, shared in a separate slide, also perfectly summed up Curtis' reaction, showing her with both hands on her head, as she looked absolutely flabbergasted to be among last year's nominees.

After getting to experience all of that excitement for herself last year, Curtis also expressed her enthusiasm for this year's nominees, as well as her empathy for those who did not get nominated.

"I certainly didn't expect to [be nominated]," Curtis wrote, adding that she has had her own "disappointments, many many many times, which is part of this competitive aspect of an artist life."

While wrapping up her post, Curtis made sure to thank her friend for capturing the special moment, calling it, "A beautiful gesture of friendship that I will never forget."

As for this year's nominations, plenty of other actors and actresses have found themselves feeling the same way Curtis did last year.

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