Jameela Jamil is completely unrecognisable with new red hair transformation and blue eyes

jameela jamil red hair
Jameela's unrecognisable with red hair & blue eyesJon Kopaloff - Getty Images

Jameela Jamil has had the same distinct hair since, well, forever? I honestly can't recollect ever seeing her with anything other than long dark hair with thick fringe and usually some layers. She's been impervious to the changing trends over the years and stuck to her distinct look. Which might be why it takes so long to wrap your head around this picture of her with flowing auburn hair. If it wasn't from her page, I think people wouldn't even clock it was her.

While it's a similar style to her usual tresses, the shiny deep copper locks are far from her usual raven hue and the shift brings out a whole new undertone to her complexion, with peachy tones coming through her usual golden colouring.

Posting the snap to Instagram, it's safe to say it's a wig, given that she asked in the caption: "Do I dye my hair red?" Adding; "My god complex era😂" which, we assume, is a reference to her giant crown or perhaps her golden star stickers placed carefully along her cheekbones. It's giving pimple patch meets royalty meets primary school sticker chart.

A lot is going on in the pic, so much so, that it took me a while to realise another key factor in why she looks quite so different. Her usually deep brown eyes are blue, and not dark blue, but a light bright distinct blue. Whether they're contact lenses or editing, we think these might be responsible for more of the transformation's impact than the hair.

Though usually a fan of a red lip, for this occasion she's leaning pink with a bitten cherry colour, completing the disguise.

Who is this imposter?

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