20 Truly Despicable Humans Who Played It Cool Before Doing A Total 180 (And Completely Ruining A Relationship)

Sometimes, it's hard to tell if a person, whether a lifelong friend or someone you just met, has good intentions. Other times, they make their red flags very clear, solidifying your decision to cut ties immediately. So when redditor u/madison_nn asked the r/AskReddit community to share the red flag that made them stop talking to someone, people chimed in with their wildest stories. Here's what they had to say.

1."I told a guy I only had time for a coffee date because I had a study group to attend. He kept trying to extend again and again and eventually asked if I would go 'watch a movie' at his place. I said, 'Uhh no, I have to leave now,' and he knocked on my car window so I'd roll it down, then refused to let go of the top of the glass. I had to pull away slowly, with him still holding on. My study group laughed their asses off when I told them why I was late. He didn't get a second date."

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2."My coworker told me he knew his wife was having a seizure at work. He drove to her job and asked where she was. They told him she hadn't shown up. So he knew she was in her car, but he decided to shop around a little bit before finding her. By the time he got to her car, someone else had called an ambulance and was helping her. I haven't been able to look at him the same."


3."An old buddy I used to work with stepped into bullshit. When he started explaining that he learned you don't need a driver's license because the government is a big corporation, and we can renounce our spot and declare ourselves 'freemen,' I just gave up on him. It's been around five years now."

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4."I had a friend that I grew up with; we played on the same teams, our parents were friends, and we were at each other's weddings. He was in the police academy and came over to the house one night and said, 'Ya know, I thought I wanted to be a cop so I could serve and protect, really help people, ya know? Now I realize it's so I can drive really fast, carry a gun, and beat people up.' He also went on a rant about how all people who are homeless should be rounded up and thrown in jail. We never spoke again after that day."


5."I met someone for a date. We went on a hike, and I tripped over a log and fell on my hands. They nonstop pointed and laughed at me hysterically for five minutes straight. They didn't offer to help me up or offer any consolation; they just laughed in my face for five minutes. They kept saying how stupid I looked falling and were laughing the rest of the hike."

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6."When I was about 15 and walking my gran's new small rescue dog, I saw a group of my friends, including a slightly older boy I fancied. I walk up and start chatting with the group about our new furry family member and his tragic history. This lad I liked thought it would be the height of fun at that moment to lunge at the dog. He was nearly six-foot already at 17, and the dog was a small poodle. So the size difference from the perspective of that little dog must have been terrifying, especially considering the abuse he'd suffered."

"The poor dog ran behind me, shaking like a leaf, and the lad was doubled over, laughing his ass off. I've never hated someone so quickly and so intensely before or since.

I gave him a piece of my mind, which as a teen, amounted to me shouting about what a total wanker he was and how I hoped he shriveled and died. I never bothered speaking to him again; he phased out of the friend group soon after, and I don't know what happened to him.

Fortunately, the dog was fine and, over the course of a couple of years, really developed his confidence with my gran until he was 14 and passed peacefully in his sleep."


7."This guy was disgusted by how 'ugly' and 'gross' a party host's newly rescued dog was. The dog was emaciated and had patchy fur from starvation and neglect. Instant rejection from the sphere of people I want to have in my life."

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8."I found out I was pregnant with my current partner, and we mutually decided we would not keep it. We're on the wrong side of 35 and can't afford it. His 'best friend' looked me dead in the eye and asked, 'Do all women do this early in relationships, think they're pregnant to keep their men?' Positive piss, blood tests, and the need for a medical procedure I never wanted to endure. But sure, I'm just making this all up to keep my partner. I'd kept my mouth shut on his flat earth theories until then, but that was the last straw."


9."I met a guy at the gym and invited him to hang out with my friends later that week at the bar. He seemed totally normal. Later at the bar, we're talking, and he drops an incredibly racist joke out of nowhere. It stopped the conversation dead in its tracks, and we all looked at him, and no one said anything or laughed. He mumbled something about us being too sensitive and didn't say much for the rest of the night. I haven't talked to or seen him since."

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10."My cat died in my arms. I adored him. I told a friend I made in a college class, and he shrugged and said, 'It's just a cat.' Never spoke to him again."


11."I was seeing this guy, but after a couple of dates, I wasn't too sure I could see myself going any further with him, so we gradually started to chat less. I worked in a bar at the time, and a couple of weeks later, he came into my place of work on an incredibly busy shift and decided to confess that he wanted to move forward into a relationship."

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12."My best friend from high school said that volunteering to get the COVID-19 vaccine was the same as willingly getting on the train to a concentration camp, images and all. When I reminded him of my family's history with the Holocaust and said his post lacked some common sense, he doubled down and then some. Haven't spoken a word to him since."


13."I had a guy tell me on a first date that he wasn't further ahead in life because society was conspiring against white men. I got the check QUICK."

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14."I had a friend who received a restraining order from a girl. He started talking online to a friend of mine. She told me she was feeling uncomfortable. I told him to leave her alone, but he said no, and I couldn't tell him what to do. I pretty much ended the friendship right there. I think he's doing better now, but I refuse to be friends with him again."


15."Went out for coffee, and they were oddly proud of never tipping service staff because, 'They should earn their wages, not expect handouts for just doing their job.' Left a sour taste that wasn't from the coffee."

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16."I was at a gathering, and somehow Keanu Reeves came up in conversation. I mentioned how humble and selfless of a person he seemed in interviews. Just an all-around good person. The person I was talking with responded, 'Too bad he's an atheist and is going to hell.' That was it for me. I walked away."


17."I worked with a woman at a part-time job in a satellite office, and at first, I really liked her. She was friendly and funny. One day, she started talking about the Boston bombing and several school shootings being hoaxes. The next time I was at the main office, I let them know that I would not be working with her again."

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18."She insulted my job while not having one and made fun of my hobbies, all while I let her stay at my place for a few months rent-free."


19."I was with someone for a couple of months, and it all fell apart in a matter of minutes when he sent me a voice note complaining about the fact that I was depressed and had been for too long (at this point, it had been two weeks that I'd fallen into a pit). He said that my depression was making him feel depressed and that I lied to him about who I was when we met because I wasn't in a depression pit at the time that we met. I noped the fuck out of that situation instantly. Surprisingly, the relief I felt actually helped me feel a bit better."

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20."For me, it was when a friend of mine would drink and expect my friends and me to drive her to and from hangouts. If we couldn't or refused, she would drive drunk. After enabling her a few times, we all decided to give her an ultimatum. She essentially threw a fit, got a hold of her keys, drove 40-plus minutes home, and then texted us all a guilt-ridden text when she got home. She was also 'the other woman' and would constantly talk about how fun and exciting it was. This is in addition to so many other things. We all cut her out after years of dealing with her shit."


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