'It's a disgrace': Controversial nugget-eating technique sends social media into meltdown

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This nugget photo has caused outrage online. Photo: Facebook/Sameer Jafri

We all have our own little quirks and habits that others might find a little strange - each to their own right?

But this... this is taking things way too far.

A man has shared a photo of a rather unusual, and let’s be honest - downright mad - way of eating chicken nuggets, which has seen the internet go into meltdown.

“Do y'all peel your nuggets?” Sameer, from the US, posted alongside the shocking photo in question.

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It shows his chicken nuggets have been painstakingly peeled - yes peeled - so that all the deep-fried batter is in one pile, while the bare chicken nuggets are in another.

The image has since been shared almost 20k times with close to 5,000 comments - most of them outraged by the rather bizarre nugget-eating technique.

“Nooo THAT is what you call a disgrace,” was one shocked comment.

“Go to El Pollo Loco if you just want bread-less chicken, wtf is wrong with you,” another agreed.

“This is making me sad,” was another comment.

“Who the hell has time...???”

Chicken Nuggets with BBQ Sauce.
The 'right' way to enjoy chicken nuggets. Photo: Getty

Very surprisingly, some however admitted they themselves have been known to eat a nugget or two in the exact same way.

“Remember I used to do this,” one person revealed.

“I bite the skin off then eat them,” another said.

The attention seemed to amuse the original poster, who shared another posted a day later.

“Make a post about some chicken nugget bulls**t and mad random people gonna add you,” he wrote.

To be fair, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to eat chicken nuggets. But we’d definitely have to agree with the masses here - who has the time?!

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