This Italian Woman Explained Why It's Absolutely Disgusting To Have A Cappuccino After Lunch

In case you didn't know, Italians have VERY strict cultural rules.

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For example, you cannot leave the house with wet hair or else you will get sick and die.

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Secondly, pasta is sacred and you will be DEALT WITH if you break it in half.

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And thirdly and most obviously, there is absolutely NO pineapple on pizza.

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But there's another rule nearly all Italians follow that will get you strange looks in Italy if you break it: you cannot have a cappuccino after lunch.

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If you order a cappuccino in Italy after noon they will look at you like you are a rabid animal.

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I've always wondered *why* this was a thing, and now one of my favorite people on Instagram, the Pasta Queen, has finally answered this.

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She posted this video explaining why cappuccinos are inappropriate after 12:

First and foremost, she says it's a breakfast drink.

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"It's coffee, it's frothed milk. It's good to awaken your senses before 10, if you really want to push it to 11, but not after 12," she says.

  @the_pastaqueen/ Instagram: @the_pastaqueen

Her second reason is you don't need a big ol' cup of milk with another meal.

  @the_pastaqueen/ Instagram: @the_pastaqueen

"When you're eating a meal you have enough going on with all of those great calories and the cheeses. All you need is a quick espresso," she pleads.

  @the_pastaqueen/ Instagram: @the_pastaqueen

Lastly and most importantly, she says: "It's like an American having a hot dog for breakfast."

  @the_pastaqueen/ Instagram: @the_pastaqueen

Honestly, she has a point! See you in the comments!

  @the_pastaqueen/ Instagram: @the_pastaqueen