Isaiah Thomas ejected for going into stands, confronting fans

Eric He
·Yahoo Sports Contributor

Washington Wizards guard Isaiah Thomas was ejected for going into the stands late in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday to confront fans.

The Wizards lost, 125-108 to the 76ers on the road, and Thomas appeared to confront two Sixers fans after coming out of the game with 2:53 remaining.

Thomas and the fans were all escorted out, but obviously what the fans had to say to the NBA veteran irked him enough to walk into the stands to talk to them.

Fan wanted Frosty

After the game, Thomas said that a fan showed him a middle finger and yelled obscenities at him after he made his second free throw. When Thomas confronted him, the fan said he that “really wanted a Frosty,” according to Thomas. The Sixers have a promotion in which all fans receive a free Frosty if an opposing player misses two consecutive foul shots in the second half.

Here’s Thomas walking reporters through the incident, while wearing an Allen Iverson jersey (warning: NSFW language):

As Thomas left for the locker room, he took off his headband and gave it to a kid:

There is never an excuse for fans to be that obscene toward players, but doing that for a free Frosty is ... going just a bit overboard. Never change, Philadelphia sports fans.

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