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Is your kitchen too dark? Brighten it up with these under-cabinet lights — get two for $10 each right now

You need light in your kitchen, but when it's early morning and you're just trying to see enough to pour your coffee, the overhead light can be a bit much. A better way is through these motion sensor cabinet lights. All you have to do is pass your hand underneath them and they come to life. Right now, you can pick up a two-pack for the price of lunch. Illuminating, huh?

With magnetic backs that make them immensely easy to install, these lights can go practically anywhere. They also have three power modes: on, off and motion sensing. 

Save $8 with coupon
$19 at Amazon

Comparable lights will typically cost a pretty penny, but not only are these discounted by 30%, the extra 5% coupon makes this the lowest price we've ever seen for these. Since you're getting a pair of them, you're really paying only around $10 each.

Under-cabinet lighting is a fantastic thing to have in the kitchen. It's perfect for when you want a midnight snack or are getting breakfast started before your eyes are completely open. These can detect motion up to 10 feet away. They have 30 LEDs that produce a warm light up to 200 lumens — more than enough to see by, but without that "cold" quality that fluorescent lighting does.

They're powered by a 1,000mAh battery that can recharged through a USB cable. One charge will yield about three hours of continuous use, or an estimated three to four weeks in motion-sensing mode. These can also work as stairway lights; you could even rig one up inside your car's trunk.

The built-in magnets make these easy to install. They'll attach to practically any metal surface. If you don't have metal in your cabinets, the included adhesive tape makes for press-and-play installation.

Leave clueless fumbling around in the dark where it belongs — in the bedroom. (Amazon)

When nearly 22,000 people rely on a product to help navigate around their home, we start to wonder what we're missing.

Ease of mounting + long life = happy customers. "I installed one in my kitchen pantry and one in the utility closet. I am in my pantry on a daily basis and I have only had to charge the light one time in the past 8 months. I have not had to charge the utility closet light to date. I have both lights set on the motion sensor setting, and they work exactly as expected. My takeaway after owning for 8 months: Easy installation, fast charging, bright light, long battery life, and great adhesion," one homeowner shared.

One fan raved about how quickly these changed their kitchen's vibe. "Instantly enhanced the ambiance of my kitchen. I love not having to use the bright overhead lights, and I love that these are rechargeable and detachable. Great value for the price. Very easy "install" (because it's like a sticker). Cannot recommend these lights more."

Another couple said these lights helped light up their workspace. "We needed more light for each of our desks, and these are perfect."

Most users experienced no trouble, but one cautioned to keep the included charger on-hand. "These lights were a great purchase. ... At night when my dog walks into the kitchen, the cabinet light activates right away," said one shopper. "The only downside is that, as far as I can tell, you have to use the USB-C charging cable that comes with the lights. I tried using another USB C charger and it wouldn’t take a charge. All in all, I’m still very pleased with the product."

One user warned that placement is important. "My only complaint is that they are STICKY. Super sticks to the wall, so make sure you place them correctly."

With magnetic backs that make them immensely easy to install, these lights can go practically anywhere. They also have three power modes: on, off, and motion sensing. 

Save $8 with coupon
$19 at Amazon

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