Is this the most awkward selfie ever?

Michelle Ruzzene

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We’ve all been guilty of taking the odd selfie here and there.

But one woman has taken her selfie snaps to the extreme – and ended up a viral hit on YouTube as a result.

A bemused holidaymaker filmed the unknown girl, dressed in a teeny-tiny bikini, during a self-obsessed attempt to capture the most flattering shot of herself.

Every possible angle is explored over the course of more than a minute.

That’s a whole lot of selfie snapping.

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But then things really get weird.

Determined to capture the best angle, the bikini-clad woman begins moving the camera from her arms, to her boobs before going for the belfie shot - and almost falls on her behind in the process.

The woman filming the girl's awkward selfie attempts is heard saying, “Oh my god, are you f***en kidding me, she’s going to take one from down there, of her a***”.

So far, the video has had almost three million views on YouTube.

Beware selfie lovers: make a spectacle of yourself in public and your pics could end up plastered across the internet.

Hashtag awkward.

How not to take a selfie. Photo: YouTube Perds Ton Temps.


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