Invincible Season 2 May Feature Spider-Man


The finale of Invincible season 2 may feature an appearance from Spider-Man, and it looks like that rumor has started to gain traction with some well-known insiders backing the claim.

It all started when actor Josh Keaton, known for voicing the wall-crawler in Marvel's The Spectacular Spider-Man animated show, confirmed that he would have a role in Invincible.

The scoop comes from @Cryptic4KQual on X/Twitter, who has a solid track record of posting run times of popular shows. The account has teased an appearance from Spider-Man in the Invincible finale. Of course, many leakers never tend to stick to their guns, and the account quickly gave themselves some wiggle room in case it turned out to be false.

Spider-Man and Mark Grayson crossed paths in Marvel Team-Up Vol. 3 #14 in 2005, where both heroes worked together to defeat Doc Ock. Given that the second season features Angstrom, a villain with dimension-hopping powers, a crossover with Spider-Man does seem possible. Angstrom was also responsible for marooning Mark in the Marvel universe in the comics, so season 2 adapting that particular story beat seems to line up.

There is stronger evidence for Spidey's appearance though, as MyTimeToShineHello, another well-known insider, seemingly confirmed the report in a post on X/Twitter. That account is known for posting surprisingly accurate information on comic book properties, with many of their scoops on MCU projects proven true.

While that all sounds exciting, you should probably keep those expectations in check. Kirkman recently tackled the question during IGN's Fan Fest, and the answer won't satisfy webheads.

“Would that we could pull the powers of Amazon and Disney and Marvel and everybody together!” he Kirkman. “Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing? But I wouldn’t count on it. And that’s not a tease.”

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Invincible Season 2 Part 2 starts streaming on March 14, 2024, on Amazon Prime.