Introducing the world's first 3D printing restaurant

Leah Cohen

If you thought Heston Blumenthal was at the forefront of gastronomic cuisine, think again.

Food Ink., the world’s first 3D printing restaurant, is creating the most futuristic gourmet experience you’ll ever come across.

Food Ink. is the first restaurant in the world using 3D printing technology. Photo: YouTube

Not only are the finest chefs involved in this edible pixel project, architects, artists, designers and engineers have come together to make the one-of-a-kind dining experience a reality.

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Using cutting-edge 3D printing technology by Dutch company byFlow, the revolutionary restaurant creates dishes out of anything the chefs can form a paste out of.

The printer can transform pastes into edible sculptures. Photo: YouTube

Whether it’s hummus, chocolate mousse, goat cheese or pizza dough, you name it, Food Ink. can transform it into extraordinary culinary sculptures.

Lemon tart with a 3D printed sugar meshed crown and raspberry reduction. Photo: Webgram/3dChef
Manmade or 3D-printed dessert? Photo: YouTube

After a successful launch in Venlo, the Netherlands, in April, Food Ink. is off to London from July 25 to 27 to give British diners a taste of their pixel to printer to plate experience.

The Food Ink. pop up will jet off on its world tour end of 2016. Photo: YouTube

The avant-garde restaurant aims to enhance foodies’ experiences through the use technology, all while inspiring them to get the food sustainability conversation rolling.

Towards the end of 2016, Food Ink. will embark on its world tour. So keep an eye out Australia, you could be getting a taste of the future sooner than you think.

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