Here’s What The Internet Thinks Of Women Based On Their First Name, And The Stereotypes Are Wild

The internet has a lot to say about pretty much everything, so here's what it actually thinks about people, based solely on their own first name.

Note: All submissions from Urban Dictionary have been edited for length and clarity.


Taylor Swift sitting next to Jimmy Fallon as a guest on "The Tonight Show"

"Taylors are geniuses. They can be shy at first, but once you get to know them they can be the most talkative person ever. You'll laugh a lot with a Taylor, and they'll always go out of their way to cheer you up if you're feeling down. They hate people who lie, cheat, or steal, so you should never cross them. Taylors know how to hold a grudge."

"If you're dating a Taylor then consider yourself one of the luckiest people around. Just don't do anything to wrong them."


Sarah Paulson being interviewed on "The View"

"Sarah is probably queer. At the very least, they've definitely had curious thoughts, which is iconic. They're usually a loud, chatty person who's full of wit. They're also very beautiful and radiate laughter and joy. They have a really bubbly personality and constantly put others before themselves."

"A Sarah doesn't precisely know what they want in life, but they try their hardest most of the time. They're very imaginative and musical, and they like a good physical sport, like tennis."


Millie Bobby Brown being interviewed on "The Tonight Show"

"Millie is one of the most original people you will ever meet. They're probably covered in tattoos, too. They're complicated and mysterious, and nobody will ever quite understand what they think. They can also be a bit too wild at times, but when Millie is around you won’t be able to stifle your laughter. Still, they can be a little annoying."

"Even though Millie is sensitive to criticism and can easily get emotionally hurt, they're still very strong on the inside. They're also extremely loyal people."


Kim Kardashian being interviewed on "The Tonight Show"

"Kim will fall in love with someone and obsess over them and never want to let them go, even when the person moves to Colorado. They've also been divorced multiple times. A Kim will drink a lot of coffee and then claim to never get enough sleep. Kim is their own person and will never let anyone stop them."

"Every Kim has those eyes that can seduce you in one glance...or break your heart with a single glare."


Anna Kendrick being interviewed on "The Late Show"

"Anna is an interesting person, and they know how to fight. They choose to not hang out with the popular crowd, even though they could easily fit in with them. They're stunning beyond belief and dress really well. They're also very, very smart and will let you cheat off them during a test. Anna also has a mature style and personality."

"Anna has a unique sense of humor that may seem strange to outsiders. They are also very stubborn and short-tempered."


Sandra Oh being interviewed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"If you are a friend of Sandra's then they will be loyal to you no matter what. But if you ever mistreat them, they won't be afraid to call you out for acting ridiculous, childish, or deceitful. Sandra knows when you're lying, and they hate dishonesty the most."

"While fiercely independent, Sandra has both a strong sense of community and family, and they'll do whatever it takes (regardless of personal cost) to defend and protect those they care most about."


Angela Bassett being interviewed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"Angela is a beautiful, strong, and capable person. They are very smart and have the most gorgeous, sparkling eyes. They also really love sloths, and they loveeeee getting revenge."

"The only flaw in an Angela is that they will never fully believe how great they are. Because of this, they're deeply insecure."


Vanessa Hudgens being interviewed on "The Tonight Show"

"A Vanessa is a great kisser. Even though they can be a bit dimwitted and dense, they're still a lot of fun to be around and will always be there for you without judgment. Vanessa is the person in class who always forgets that a homework assignment was due."

"Vanessa is pretty and funny and an amazing singer and volleyball player. People take them for granted and don't realize how awesome they really are."


Michelle Williams being interviewed on "The Real"
Telepictures Productions

"Almost every Michelle is the Beyoncé of their friend group. They will always be kind to you. Anyone who dumps a Michelle is a complete idiot. They will always be a loving and faithful companion, no matter what."

"You can trust any Michelle with your life, and that's a fact."


Ellen DeGeneres being interviewed on "The Tonight Show"

"Ellen has been through a lot in life, and they've been hardened because of it. They also have trouble letting things go. Ellen may seem tough on the outside, but they always have a soft spot for the special people around them. Unless you're one of their faves, you shouldn't trust them."

"Ellen is typically hilarious and always knows how to cheer you up. For the most part, they don't care what others think of them."


Tiffany Haddish being interviewed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"Tiffany knows how to keep a secret. If you treat them with respect then they will never backstab you, but if you treat them like crap then you're immediately going to regret it because a Tiffany never forgives or forgets. Watch out."

"They also have an amazing smile and can light up a room."


Britney Spears being interviewed on "The Jonathan Ross Show"

"Britney is very different from Brittney. Britney with one 'T' can run the world. Brittney with two 'T's' peaked in high school. They're shy but soooo freaking funny when you get to know them. They also won't be too outgoing unless you really push them to get out of their comfort zone."

"Britney is hot-tempered but won't fight back unless provoked. Never underestimate them."


Jennifer Lopez being interviewed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"Jennifer is always super artistic and talented. They can be a bit of an airhead but will always be the life of the party. They're extremely clumsy and have probably broken several bones from constantly tripping and falling over."

"Though they aren't typically good singers, that won't stop them from belting out their favorite song during karaoke."


Emily Blunt being interviewed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"Emily is one of the most athletic people you'll ever know. They'll always give 110% and will make everyone else look bad because of how much they succeed. At times, Emily can be a handful and may need someone to rely on for help, but they prefer doing things alone."

"They're also incredibly headstrong and hauntingly beautiful."


Kate McKinnon being interviewed on "The Tonight Show"

"Kate is a terrible driver and has probably been pulled over several times for speeding. They're beautiful but lazy, and they're obsessed with designer items. Kate was super popular in high school, and that's probably the last time you spoke with them. Still, they're really friendly and will always brighten your day."

"Kate is reliable and but gives weak handshakes. Their favorite color is turquoise."


Megan Fox being interviewed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"Every Megan claims that there's only one true way to spell their name, and they hate when it's spelled wrong (i.e. not Meagan or Meghan). They have a dark side with a lot of secrets, but they're also super creative. Megan can be very stubborn at times, but that's only because they know what they want and expect greatness."

"Megan isn't scared of anyone, and the only thing they truly fear is losing the people they love."

17.And Janet

Janet Jackson being interviewed on "The Tonight Show"

"Janet is the nicest person you will ever meet. They'll put your needs above their own and will always check in on you to make sure you're doing well. They can be funny at times but mostly like to remain serious and professional. They could easily become president one day if they truly wanted to."

"Janet is determined and extremely hardworking. They'll always have your back."

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