The internet goes into meltdown over Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's Oscars performance

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sent the whole world into meltdown over their insane chemistry together in A Star Is Born, and now they’ve done it once again at the Oscars.

The pair took to the stage at this year’s Academy Awards to do a live performance of ‘Shallow’, and people just can’t deal.

To be honest, neither can we – just look at them together:

Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Many on the internet went wild over the way Gaga and Bradley looked at one another when performing together.

For some it was an emotional rollercoaster.

Others hilariously pointed out that while Bradley and Gaga clearly have undeniable chemistry, Irina Shayk, Bradley’s girlfriend, was watching in the audience.

The internet really is a wonderful thing sometimes.

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