The Internet is Divided on This Pop-Tart Eating Method

frosted strawberry pop-tart

Was there really a childhood before Pop-Tarts? Whether you're on team Frosted Strawberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon or Frosted Hot Fudge Sundae, the joyful grocery store toaster pastry invokes nostalgia for the masses. Come home from school, run to the kitchen, grab a Pop-Tart and it's snack time.

Now, however, could a Pop-Tart be the cause a raucous? A hot take has entered the Pop-Tarts-consumption discourse. According to Reddit, adding a pat of butter takes them to a whole new level of deliciousness and many people have thoughts.

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On one side of the Pop-Tart, there are passionate snackers who rally for buttered pop-tart all day everyday. They argue that the addition of a touch of butter on a Pop-Tart adds more richness and enhances the pastry's overall flavor.

One lifelong pro-butter fan commented with a detailed run-through of their buttering methodology. Since they were young, this Redditor "would flip it over frosting down after it’s been toasted, take a butter knife and cut an “x” on the back, not going all the way through, then butter over the back so the butter melts into the Pop-Tart."

Nostalgia was a major driving force for the crowd of believers. Moms and grandmas were credited as the people who taught commenters to eat their pastries buttered in the first place.

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Other commenters are specific about when they bring out the butter. "Only on the blueberry flavor. Tastes like blueberry muffins," said one. "Brown Sugar cinnamon is excellent with butter too, just get unfrosted," commented another. Many others vouched for a toasted Brown Sugar Pop-Tart with melted butter as the perfect budget bougie snack.

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But some commenters were definitely put off. They argue that the toaster pastry–frosted, unfrosted, toasted or untoasted—are already sweet and decadent with their assortment of frostings and sweet fillings. Some also believe it's downright illogical to pair the snack with butter. "It looks gross because the frosting is hard and leaves nowhere for the butter to go," argued one person. Another opposer simply said,"No because I'm not a monster."

Whether or not to put butter on a Pop-Tart is a matter of personal preference. And ultimately, how people react to this buttery hack says a lot about where they stand on another Pop-Tart debate: whether or not to toast the Pop-Tart before you eat it.

If you ask me, Pop-Tarts are called Pop-Tarts because they should be popped straight into you mouth, not the toaster. Frosting should also not be warm, so I plan to try butter on an unfrosted, ever-so-slightly warmed up Pop-Tart. Wish me luck!

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