Your Instant Ramen Needs A Leftover Steak Topping

ramen with steak in bowl
ramen with steak in bowl - Kravtzov/Shutterstock

A memorable scene from the 2019 Korean hit movie "Parasite" involves a spur-of-the-moment meal labeled ram-don (actually a Korean dish usually called jjapaguri), created with instant ramen noodles, udon, and the premium Korean steak Hanu. Thankfully for those of us without the budget for top-shelf steak leftovers, it's easy to make something just as delicious. Instant ramen may be one of the most iconic convenience foods in the world, with many good and bad ramen brands spreading the noodles from Japan after their creation in 1958. While plenty tasty all on their own, following nothing but the basic instructions, one of things that makes them so popular is that ramen is so easy to spice up, with lots of filling toppings options. And leftover steak is one of the best ways to turn this simple bowl of noodles into a full meal.

Few things complement chewy ramen noodles like a rich cut of meat. The go-to topping for ramen shops is sliced fatty pork belly, but since you probably don't have time to roast a whole slab of pork, leftover steak can do the job. Hearty slices of steak are a satisfying addition that really fills out what can be a pretty light meal unadorned. And, even better, they only takes minutes to prepare on the stovetop while you boil or microwave your noodles. Steak will also work perfectly with lots of other popular additions and sauces for instant ramen.

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Leftover Steak Is Fun To Customize With Instant Ramen

slices of steak
slices of steak - 4kodiak/Getty Images

There are two good options for reheating leftover steak for ramen. The quickest way is in a skillet over medium heat. Using sliced steak you can heat a neutral oil and stir-fry the meat for two to three minutes to cook it all the way through. The one downside is that this will push most steak past the point of rare or medium-rare if that's how you like it. If you really want to preserve leftover steak's doneness level the best way to reheat is in a low oven. At 250 degrees Fahrenheit a room-temperature leftover steak will be warmed through in about 20 minutes, without overcooking the interior. You can also sear it quickly at high heat to re-crisp the crust. No matter how you reheat your leftover steak it's best sliced or cubed and then simply served on top of your bowl of ramen.

To pair your leftover steak with other instant ramen upgrades, the most obvious choice is a fried egg for a steak, egg, and ramen mash-up. Spicy rubs like harissa or toppings like chili crisps are also perfect for both steak and ramen, adding another layer of bold flavor that will also cut through the steak's richness a bit. Finally stir-fry veggies like broccoli or bok choy that you would already pair with sliced beef are great ramen toppings, too. When it comes to ramen, leftover steak should only be the beginning.

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