The Ingredient That Makes Dubai's Viral Chocolate Bar Crave-Worthy

stuffed knafeh chocolate bar
stuffed knafeh chocolate bar - fixdessertchocolatier / Instagram

If you haven't stumbled across the internet's latest TikTok food trend (taken up residence under a rock lately?), it's the viral Dubai chocolate bar by Fix Dessert Chocolatier. Few foods make a debut with words like ''viral'' attached to them from the get-go, but we have social media to thank for the immense acclaim the Fix Hero bars are receiving. In mid to late April, videos of creators filming the snap and crackle of its knafeh chocolate bar started making the rounds on Instagram and TikTok.

Named ''Can't Get Knafeh Of It,'' the viral Fix Hero bar has an oozing green filling of knafeh, also called kunafa, with pistachio and tahini in a milk chocolate coating. If you don't know what kunafa is and what it tastes like, allow us to help. It's a favorite Middle Eastern dessert that's mildly sweet with a crunchy texture, rich notes from a mozzarella or ricotta cheese filling, and a sugar syrup drizzle. Knafeh is made from a special ingredient, kataifi, which is a pastry dough made from phyllo sheets shredded into thin strands that give it a crispy texture when baked. Fix Dessert Chocolatier's version of this beloved dessert capitalizes on the nostalgic flavors of knafeh with a load of crispy kataifi, sweet pistachio cream filling, and tahini paste to make it irresistible.

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How To Get Your Hands On The Kataifi-Stuffed Chocolate

person eating stuffed chocolate bar
person eating stuffed chocolate bar - fixdessertchocolatier / Instagram

The popularity of this chocolate bar is partly due to its unavailability for most consumers, as you can only order it in Dubai (according to the product's Instagram). The business began operating in 2021 and creates stuffed chocolates that build on unique, local flavors. The chocolate's creators have also made a variety of other stuffed chocolates in flavors like knafeh and salted caramel pretzel, a whole donut-stuffed chocolate, karak chai, and white Biscoff cheesecake.

Dubai-based TikToker @z.blogs took to their account in April to share the experience of buying and eating the Hero bars. Curious commenters wanted to know how they could get their hands on one as well, to which the creator advised accessing the link on Fix Dessert Chocolatier's Instagram at 5 p.m. sharp (UAE time) when the products go live and placing your order within 10-15 minutes, as it sells out pretty fast.

Splurging on an impromptu trip to Dubai isn't the only way you can enjoy the $18 (65 AED) chocolate, as TikTok recipe developers have made their at-home versions using a few ingredients. User @averycyrus toasts packaged kataifi in the pan and combines it with premade pistachio cream in their recipe, while @moribyan makes theirs by frying crushed phyllo and mixing in pistachio butter. The latter recommends sourcing crushed phyllo for the kataifi from your local Arab markets.

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