Infuse Simple Syrup With Butter Pecans For Decadent Holiday Cocktails

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Making a festive and original cocktail for the holiday season can be a tall order. Classic drinks like fresh homemade eggnog and mulled wine certainly fit the first part of that equation, but they are not likely to stand out from the crowd. A true hit of a holiday cocktail must be both reminiscent of the season and unique enough to be memorable. So, if you're playing host this year, we recommend throwing together a quick butter pecan simple syrup to give your refreshments that special something.

Butter pecan is a perfect holiday flavor to incorporate into alcoholic beverages thanks to its smooth and sophisticated taste. The richness of the butter works well with similar notes found in spirits like bourbon, while the sweet earthiness of the pecan complements that which is also found in tequila and rum. It is a complex enough syrup to hold its own as the solo sweetener of a cocktail, but also mild enough to get along with any additional flavorings you care to add.

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How To Make Butter Pecan Simple Syrup

a woman stirring a pot
a woman stirring a pot - Skynesher/Getty Images

Flavoring a simple syrup is quick and easy work. Start by making the base simple syrup, dissolving equal parts sugar and water in a pot. Once the mixture is cohesive, add butter, pecans, and maple syrup. Cook down these ingredients until the butter and syrup have combined with the initial base and the nuts are fragrant. Be sure to keep the heat at medium or lower to avoid burning the sugar in the syrup or the fats in the butter. Finally, strain the solids from the liquid and let it cool before use.

This syrup can be used in a myriad of ways to elevate various cocktails. Swap it into an old fashioned for a warming twist, or drizzle it into the glass of an espresso martini for an added touch of luxury. You can also use it to bring a sophisticated sweetness to popular batch cocktails such as spiced cider or rum punch, or add it to your favorite mocktails so the entire family can enjoy.

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