Influencer's devastating news after pregnancy: 'Hardest week of my life'

Sophie Guidolin says she is experiencing pain, grief and despair.

Fitness influencer Sophie Guidolin has revealed some heartbreaking news following her pregnancy with daughter Pixie.

Sharing a post on Instagram on Friday, the 33-year-old announced she gave birth to her daughter, stillborn, adding she had just gone through the "hardest week of my life".

"Trigger warning," the Aussie influencer began her post.

"I cannot begin to articulate my pain, grief, and despair. On Wednesday, January 25th, a day I will never forget my life was changed forever. I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Pixie, via c-section born stillborn.

An Instagram post informing followers Sophie Guidolin lost her baby.
Sophie Guidolin revealed she gave birth to her daughter Pixie, stillborn. Source: Instagram

"I am trying to trust in God's timing and I have always believed that the universe has my back and no matter how confusing this all feels, I am trying to make sense of this grief with my faith.

"I feel so guilty for my thoughts prior and I would do anything to have that pain over this harrowing experience. I don't even have the words on how to write or how to comprehend this.

"Maybe some would were always meant to be angels."

The tragic news comes after Sophie revealed to her fans she had been struggling during her pregnancy, sharing a photo from her hospital bed earlier this month.

"Sharing the not-so-incredible side to this pregnancy so far, as I never want someone to click my page, see a photo and assume it's all sunshine, making them feel alone," she wrote.

"Spending my Sunday alone in hospital. As documented previously, I have loved pregnancy. Every single moment, every kick, even the sickness was made bearable by the fact that a miracle was coming into the world.

Sophie Guidolin lays in a hospital bed with a face mask on.
Sophie Guidolin had been suffering from extreme sickness during her pregnancy. Source: Instagram

"This pregnancy has nearly officially got the better of me. I am so exhausted, I'm so sick.

"I just want my life back, or at least the basics. The simple things which are so normal in everyday life I struggle to do at the moment ... showers even make me seasick."

The fitness guru fell pregnant a month after she married Andrew Firgaira in November after a five-month engagement.

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