Drake's Attempt To Show Off His Lifestyle Backfires As People Roast His Video Of A Day In His Life

If you're online a lot, maybe you've heard of Drew Walls. He's a content creator famed for his "day in the life" videos.

Drew usually films himself getting ready, running errands, and doing some form of self-care — at multiple different angles. Recently, he went viral for this video of him showering and going to Target.

The clip has over 3 million views on Instagram to date and sparked a trend where other creators use that same elaborate editing for their vlogs — which is how we get to Drake.

Closeup of Drake wearing a cap backwards
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He posted his own "day in the life" on Instagram this weekend, and don't get me wrong, it's definitely a flex. After all, this is the self-proclaimed Champagne Papi we're talking about here.

Closeup of Drake
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But it did get roasted.

People just thought it was so funny and spicy to see Drake posting like an influencer.

Twitter: @LoveYaasameenXO

Winner Harlow commented "Not a grwm!! I like influencer Drake!"
"This like one of em day ina life vlogs on tiktok"

Twitter: @Ssese_k

From him recording his self-care routine...

"Rich Self Care"
"this is epic bougie"

@champagnepapi / Twitter: @ihygreg him making cocktails for the video.

"Blowing hookah smoke into the drink is next level insanity"
"Man set up the tripod and everything" with multiple laughing, crying emojis

@champagnepapi / Twitter: @mignaci0

Twitter: @Danniicakes_

Well, do you, Drake!