Infamous party boy Corey Worthington is returning to TV

Anita Lyons
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If you lived in Australia in 2008, then you would probably remember infamous party boy, Corey Worthington.

A decade ago, Corey made headlines when he threw a party at his parents’ house which attracted more than 500 attendees.

Corey Worthington’s infamous interview with Leila McKinnon, made headlines a decade ago. Source: NINE

Cars were damaged and an incident response team were called in to shut it down.

Corey’s name was known around the nation for his disrespectful attitude, yellow sunglasses and the trainwreck of an interview he did with A Current Affair’s Leila McKinnon.

Now, the 27 year old is set to grace our television screens again, on this year’s Australian Ninja Warrior.

“There’ll be some people who will hate the fact that he’s back on their TV screens again but at least this time he’s not being a smart-arse to Leila McKinnon,” Ben Fordham, host of Ninja Warrior, told

“It’s the ultimate Where Are They Now?” Ben said.

“This guy was there one minute and gone the next and I don’t think anyone has probably given too much thought to him in the meantime… But he has been doing something behind the scenes since then because he is buff!”

The TV personality, who shares hosting duties with Rebecca Maddern, also revealed that Corey does try the course with his infamous yellow sunnies on – whether it was for real or just a trial, we’ll soon find out.

And Corey is not the only familiar face to be having a crack on Ninja Warrior this year.

NRL star Paul Gallen and ironman Jett Kenney (son of Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny) also have a punt.

Meanhile The Bachelor’s Tim Robards, who appeared on the show last year, is said to be giving it another crack in 2018.

Jet Kenney and Tim Robards are both competing in Australian Ninja Warrior. Source: Instagram/jertkenney and mrtimrobards

All fit fellas and we can’t wait to watch this next season… for the athletics, of course.

Australian Ninja Warrior premieres on Sunday, July 8 at 7pm on NINE.

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