The Important Tip To Remember To Prevent Runny Egg Bites

egg cups on cutting board
egg cups on cutting board - Susan Olayinka/Tasting Table

Handheld bites of eggs, cheese and vegetables make for an easy meal prep recipe, creating a breakfast that can be enjoyed on-the-go throughout the week. What can ruin this dependable snack, however, is improperly cooking your egg bites. Texture is key when it comes to making delicious egg cups, and loading up muffin tins with vegetables before pouring in whisked eggs can sabotage your efforts to serve a plate of fluffy, chewy eggs in cup form.

Keep in mind that any ingredients you add to the egg bites will mean a longer cooking time for the eggs to reach fluffy, set perfection. Regardless of whether you use the whole eggs or just the egg whites, you want to make sure that the egg bites are cooked all the way through so that no translucent, runny patches are hiding somewhere in the middle of the cup. An imbalanced egg-to-veggie ratio can create runny egg bites, as can using overly juicy vegetables without first cooking them down.

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Preparing For Tomorrow's Breakfast Satisfaction

ingredients in muffin tin
ingredients in muffin tin - Susan Olayinka/Tasting Table

You can sauté wetter ingredients, like diced fresh tomatoes or peppers, before introducing them to muffin tin compartments, to avoid runny egg bites. You can also salt and drain wet ingredients to help dehydrate them. In addition to vegetables, excess cheese can also be a silent offender when it comes to altering the cooking times and amount of liquid in your egg cups. If the cheese-loving side of your personality starts piling shredded cheese into the muffin tin, do your best to rein in your cravings.

While plain egg bites can serve as a tasty savory snack or a standalone breakfast, these other ingredients can help build texture and taste to your recipes. Crunchy bacon bits, fresh garden herbs, green onions, and white wine sautéed mushrooms are some of the many items that can be included in egg bites. Plus you can switch it up from week to week to keep meal prep interesting. One last tip is to add cornstarch to your egg mixture, as it will ensure that the egg cups are cooked firm and you are not faced with a sloppy mess once you pull your creations out of the oven.

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