I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here: Every past winner of the show

A look back at all the stars who claimed victory in the jungle.

The 2023 season of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! is upon us and it's shaping up to be the most thrilling yet, with the promise of a star-studded lineup and a slew of eye-watering challenges that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

The show has seen a variety of celebrities battle it out in the jungle to be crowned the ultimate winner over the years, so let's take a trip down memory lane and relive all the excitement and drama of the past seasons.

Season 8: Dylan Lewis

Former King of the Jungle Lewis
Lewis revealed on the show he chose Lifeline as his charity in honour of his late brother. Photo: Network Ten

Dylan Lewis was declared the King of the Jungle in the 2022 grand finale of I'm A Celebrity, winning $100,000 for his chosen charity, Lifeline. The former Recovery and Triple J host confronted his fears in the terrifying Viper Room challenge which saw him entombed amongst 50 snakes. Yikes!

In a touching moment with his fellow campmates, Lewis bared his soul and recounted the tragic story of losing his younger brother, Quinn, to suicide in 2007. The weight of this personal loss gave even deeper significance to his decision to donate to Lifeline, an organisation dedicated to helping those in crisis and preventing suicide.

Season 7: Abbie Chatfield

Former The Bachelor Australia star Abbie Chatfield
Former The Bachelor Australia star Abbie Chatfield won season 7 of I’m A Celebrity... Photo: Network Ten

Abbie Chatfield, the former Bachelor runner-up turned radio and TV presenter, was crowned Queen of the Jungle in the seventh season of I'm A Celebrity airing in 2021. Abbie donated her $100,000 prize to Dementia Australia as a dedication to her grandmother.

Abbie had to brave through some of I'm A Celeb's most revolting tucker trials, including being challenged to eat a pig's snout, a pickled herring, and a "BLT" sandwich made of bum, lips, and tongue. Abbie's love life made the spotlight again too, as her complicated relationship with comedian Ash Williams played out in front of the cameras.

With a pre-existing history between them, their romantic entanglement was a prominent storyline on the show, but things became even more dramatic with the arrival of Cody Simpson's sister Alli, adding to the onscreen tension.

Season 6: Miguel Maestre

TV chef, Miguel Maestre, crowned King of the Jungle
TV chef, Miguel Maestre, was crowned King of the Jungle in season 6 of I’m A Celebrity... Australia. Photo: Network Ten

Miguel Maestre's victory in I'm A Celebrity season 6 was a moment of triumph and celebration for fans of the beloved TV chef. Throughout the season, Miguel endeared himself to viewers with his infectious personality, humorous antics, and culinary expertise.

He consistently impressed his campmates and the audience by turning Mystery Box items into culinary masterpieces, and his good nature and positive attitude made him a fan favourite. His emotional backstory, which included a difficult upbringing and struggles with his mental health, also struck a chord with viewers, making his eventual win even more meaningful.

Maestre pledged his $100,000 win to the charity R U OK?

Season 5: Richard Reid

Entertainment reporter and winner of season 5, Richard Reid
Entertainment reporter and winner of season 5, Richard Reid, stole the hearts of I’m A Celebrity... fans from the first episode. Photo: Network Ten

The winner of I'm A Celebrity season 5 was gossip guru Richard Reid. The Aussie-based American excelled in the show's notorious challenges and overcoming his fears, even enduring repeated scorpion stings to provide meals for his fellow campmates.

On the show, Reid opened up about his past battles with alcoholism, sharing that after being hospitalised, blacking out, and embarrassing himself in front of other high-profile Australians, he knew it was time for a change.

Reid’s win saw $100,000 gifted to his charity of choice, Beyond Blue.

Season 4: Fiona O’Loughlin

Popular comedian Fiona O'Loughlin
Popular comedian Fiona O'Loughlin beat former Australian Idol runner-up Shannon Noll in the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here season 4 finale. Photo: Network Ten

Comedian Fiona O'Loughlin claimed the title of Queen of the Jungle in the show's fourth season. O'Loughlin's 'showmance' with fellow comedian Peter Rowsthorn, aka Brenda and Ron, added a touch of romance to the jungle experience, and the pair's rapport and humour delighted both campmates and audiences.

The Aussie funny gal was a standout personality of the season, showcasing bravery, authenticity, and humour, endearing herself to viewers as both the camp's comedian and confidante. However, it was Fiona's powerful backstory that truly resonated with audiences.

Despite her ability to make everyone laugh in the jungle, Fiona's witty jokes masked a poignant tale of heartbreak and addiction. As a recovering alcoholic, she displayed courage and honesty in sharing her struggles with millions of viewers.

O'Loughlin donated $100,000 to her chosen charity, Angel Flight.

Season 3: Casey Donovan

Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan
Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan was I'm A Celebrity's first female winner in season 3. Photo: Network Ten

Casey Donovan continued her reality TV winning streak in I’m A Celebrity season 3, claiming the win over Dane Swan and fellow musician Natalie Bassingthwaighte. After spending a gruelling 46 days in the South African wilderness, the first ever "Queen of the Jungle" was awarded $100,000 in prize money for her chosen charity, Starlight Children's Foundation.

Casey proved herself to be a formidable competitor in the infamous tucker trials and challenges, facing her deepest fears head-on, from being buried alive in a coffin to being suspended in mid-air above a ravine. Despite her initial reservations and anxieties about being part of the show, Casey consistently exceeded expectations, displaying strength, determination, and bravery.

In the aftermath of her victory said she hoped her performance would inspire others with anxiety to push beyond their comfort zones.

Season 2: Brendan Fevola

Season 2 winner Brendan Fevola
Season 2 winner Brendan Fevola said his objective was to change the public's perception of him following a series of controversies throughout his career. Photo: Network Ten

Former AFL player Brendan Fevola took out the win in season 2 of I'm A Celebrity, being crowned King of the Jungle after 44 long days. Fevola may have retired from footy, but he proved that he had what it took to tackle any challenge head-on in the Jungle.

One of the most memorable challenges he faced was the "Celebrity Cyclone," which involved him and his fellow contestants battling through a water obstacle course while being bombarded by high-powered water jets. Fev's athleticism and determination were his key advantages, allowing him to secure victory for his team.

Fevola's humour, kindness, and willingness to give everything a go made him a fan favourite and ultimately led to him being crowned the winner of the season. The footy star nominated his chosen charity as The Shane Warne Foundation but, during the final, announced he would donate half of his $100,000 winnings to fellow campmate Paul Harragon's charity of choice, the Mark Hughes Foundation as well.

Season 1: Freddie Flintoff

Former cricket super star Freddie Flintoff
Cricket legend Freddie Flintoff was the first-ever winner of I'm A Celebrity... Australia. Photo: Network Ten

Former England cricketer Freddie Flintoff was crowned the first ever King of the Jungle at the end of season 1 of Australia’s I’m A Celebrity in 2015. On being announced the winner, Freddie jokingly pointed out it "made a nice change" to be an Englishman actually winning something on Australian turf, before handing over $100,000 to his chosen charity, The McGrath Foundation.

Freddie has since revealed on UK radio that he actually cheated during his stint on the reality show by engineering himself "cigarette breaks" despite not being a smoker and stealing fresh water by sneaking into the nearby medical hut to fill his water bottle. What's more, ahead of his appearance on the show, Freddie also fibbed about one of his fears in order to make the challenging Bushtucker trials a little easier.

He claimed to be afraid of frogs, but when a bunch of the slimy amphibians were dumped on his head during a trial, he didn't even flinch... because he never had a frog phobia in the first place. Cheeky!

To discover who will be crowned the winner of the ninth season of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!, you'll have to tune in and watch the show. The highly anticipated premiere is set for Sunday, April 2nd and will be airing on Channel 10 as well as 10 Play.

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