IHOP Stacks Up Joy With New Menu Options That You'll Want to Try ASAP

IHOP restaurant

IHOP is taking its menu to the next level this month.

The fan-favorite breakfast chain added several items to its menu, from milkshakes to chicken sandwiches and pancakes, there's something new for everyone–and most of it is inspired by Sonic (yes, that famous blue hedgehog) and his friends.

The new collaboration comes on the heels of the restaurant's limited-edition Wonka menu. It features five entrées–all of which can be made "Sonic Style" and come with a side of onion rings–including Shadow's Chaos Chocolate Pancakes, Sonic's Blue Blur Special blueberry pancakes and Tali's 2x2x2, which comes with two eggs, two pancakes and two strips of bacon or two sausage links.

Not into flapjacks? No problem! The crossover also includes Dr. Eggman's Benedict, which is a classic eggs Benedict sandwich, and Knuckles' Chicken Sandwich, stacked with crispy chicken and avocado.

Along with the IHOP X Sonic collab, the pancake house introduced several other meal options, including the pancake of the month–Cinnamon Apple Pecan–smoked sausage links and an all-new Classic Chicken Sandwich, which can be made with customers' choice of a grilled or crispy chicken breast and is then stacked with bacon, lettuce, tomato, a four-cheese blend, avocado and buttermilk ranch.

But it didn't stop there, IHOP also launched a housemade Cupcake Milkshake and Cinn-A-Stack Milkshake, a Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola Float, a Watermelon Lemonade Refresher and maple syrup-flavored Pepsi.

Foodie influencer Markie_Devo, who regularly previews new snacks and fast food items, was one of the first to post about IHOP's stacked new menu–calling it "the mother load of goods"–and fans also seem pretty pleased with the additions.

"Lots of goodies at IHOP!" one cheered.

"Gonna need those sonic pancakes to be around longer," another quipped.

A third wrote, "[Shadow's] chaos chocolate pancakes, i need em, I'll try the watermelon lemonade splasher too."

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