IHOP Jumps on Popular Flavor Trend With New Pancake Offering That's Perfect for Summer

IHOP is making a special on-trend pancake flavor in June. Above, an IHOP sign is photographed in Kissimmee, Fla., on August 28, 2014.

IHOP’s new Pancake of the Month shows the pancake house embracing a popular flavor trend that has inspired new treat offerings at other restaurant chains and among popular candy brands.

IHOP recently offered customers Cinnamon Apple Pecan pancakes in April and White Chocolate Raspberry pancakes in May. Throughout the month of June, IHOP will be making special pancakes similar in flavor to many of the orange cream and orange creamsicle food and beverage items that have popped up elsewhere as special menu additions.

As of Sat., June 1, IHOP’s new Orange Cream pancakes were advertised on the restaurant chain's website as the special June Pancake of the Month flavor.

“Orange Cream stacks like a dream!” IHOP’s website declared in celebration of the flavor reveal. The orange-flavored four-pancake stack comes with vanilla mousse, a special orange sauce and whipped cream.

IHOP customers can test it out "as a combo with 2 pancakes, 2 bacon strips or 2 pork sausage links, 2 eggs your way, and hash browns,” according to the website.

The new pancake flavor is already available at IHOP locations across the U.S. and will remain on menus this month, according to food blogger Markie Devo.

Despite the popularity of the orange cream trend, a handful of social media users who commented on Devo’s Instagram preview were mixed on whether they found the flavor enticing.

“Hmm ima pass on that one lol,” one fan wrote.

“This ain’t it 😭,” one Instagram user said as another agreed, writing, “Nay👎🏻.”

However, one person who said they had already tried the pancake flavor in question appeared to have enjoyed it. “That was very delicious😋🍊🥞!” they wrote.

Another person shared a GIF indicating that they were drooling over the idea of the new flavor.

IHOP’s June pancake flavor joins similar food and beverage items unveiled recently by brands like Wendy’s, Sonic and M&M’s. Wendy’s announced its Orange Creamsicle Frosty in February, after which Sonic revealed a new Orange Cloudsicle Slush Float in May. M&M’s recently decided to join the trend by bringing back the brand’s Orange Vanilla Creme candies for a limited time.

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