“The Idea of You”'s fake boy band August Moon now has a very real music video to fangirl over

Be prepared to let your "Guard Down" and obsess over a band you'll never be able to see live.

August Moon is a fake boy band, but there is now a very real music video you can obsess over.

Sure, you'll never be able to see Nicholas Galitzine's The Idea of You character Hayes Campbell perform "Guard Down" live, but now you can pretend that he really exists along with his four August Moon bandmates by watching their music video over and over again.

<p>Prime Video</p> Guard Down by August Moon

Prime Video

Guard Down by August Moon

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Prime Video released the full music video on Thursday, featuring Hayes and the other boy band members dressed in preppy chic clothes, goofing off in a high school classroom, and flirting with their classmates before breaking out in classic boy band choreography. The One Direction inspiration can't be ignored in every single frame, from the clothes (the glasses Galitzine is wearing, specifically), to the dance moves, and even the set. Now we really need a One Direction reunion tour with August Moon as the opening act!

Snippets of the music video were featured in Galitzine and Anne Hathaway's movie about the star-crossed, age-gap romance between 40-year-old divorced single mother Solène and 24-year-old pop star Hayes. Sparks immediately fly after their meet-cute at Coachella, but Solène is at first wary of starting anything with a much younger guy whom paparazzi and screaming fans constantly follow around. She can't resist his charm, and spends a night googling and watching YouTube videos of him performing with the band, including this music video for "Guard Down."

Now you can watch the full music video below:

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"I lay awake at night, terrified, thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong," Galitzine previously admitted to Entertainment Weekly with a laugh about filming all the August Moon performance scenes. "We had a great choreographer in Dani Vitale and Savan Kotecha's this amazing songwriter who's in many ways the godfather of pop music from the last 20 years. With their stewardship, I was able to try and hone enough skills to convince people that I'd been a pop star for a few years. It was so incredibly daunting."

Galitzine also felt immense gratitude to his fellow August Moon members — professional dancers Viktor White, Dakota Adan, Raymond Cham, Jr., and Jaiden Anthony. "The wonderful boys, I have to mention, in my band, they really transmitted their experience and their energy as dancers," he said. "I really felt so accepted and supported whenever we had to do these super vulnerable scenes at Coachella and stuff like that. I'm very thankful for them as well."

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The actor also told EW that "there was no one in particular" that he tried to emulate with his portrayal, even though author Robinne Lee previously revealed that Styles was one of her main inspirations for the character.

"I think it's important to say that Hayes is his own person," Galitzine said. "He has his own style, his own sensibilities, his own taste in music, and I want Hayes very much to exist within his own world. When it came to the performance style, there were many different kind of references we used. But I was much more interested in Hayes the person — that was what I wanted to zero in on... There was no need to necessarily reference anyone in particular."

But those glasses in the music video say otherwise ...

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