An Iconic Chinese Snack May Be Coming to Trader Joe’s Soon, and Fans Are Already Planning to Stock Their Carts Fast

Everyone has their favorite grocer, and they’ve all got their perks. Publix has all those incredible BOGOs, Walmart literally has everything under the sun and Target is equivalent to the popular kid in school with all the deets on the latest and greatest trends (although Target might be a little nicer). Be that as it may, no retailer can compare to the quirky, edgy, outsider vibe of Trader Joe’s, and TJ’s is so cool, they don’t care if you get it. They’ve created their own lane, and they’re totally okay with that.

Of course, maintaining such a chill, laid-back aesthetic requires meticulous upkeep, and the retailer continuously assesses what’s hot and what’s not, making room for new and exciting products to shine. From Cheez-It-inspired vegan savory squares to the return of fan-favorite Synergistically Seasoned Popcorn, you’re guaranteed to find more than a few things you’ve never even thought of lining the brand’s legendary shelves. But sometimes, even familiar favorites get their own signature TJ’s spin, and it’s rumored that an iconic Chinese staple might be making an appearance in the chain’s famed freezer section soon enough. And it’s vegan!

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Instagram user @bigboxvegan shared word that we should be on the lookout for Vegan Bubble Waffles from Trader Joe’s soon, and fans are already saying, “I’ll be buying 20 boxes 😂.” In contrast to the typical deep, syrup-catching pockets of Belgian waffles, bubble waffles feature crispy edges while the “bubbles” are chewy and mochi-like in the center. The Hong Kong street food delicacy is often served plain, but can be topped with ice cream, fresh fruit or a variety of sauces. You could even top them with sautéed apples, graham cracker crumbs and caramel for an apple pie-inspired treat.

The most notable difference between Trader Joe’s vegan offering and the traditional bubble waffle recipe, however, is the omission of eggs from the batter. While we don’t have a full ingredient list or an expected release date yet, we do have the price, and the 4-pack box will only cost you $4.49.

Like most things at TJ’s, of course, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in giving these a try as the fanfare has already started. “I can picture the “Limit 2 per household” sign already! 😂,” hilariously quipped one person. “OH MY GAWD,” exclaimed a litany of other fans.

And with that, Trader Joe’s has solidified their cool kid status once again. Now, we just need them to offer clothing and we might not shop anywhere else.

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