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I upgraded my bathroom with this quick-drying $23 mat — you'd never guess it's not stone

Surprise! It's rubber, and it never feels soggy under your feet.

I've never been a fan of bath mats. You have to wash them all the time, they never stay in place, they shed and a lot of them aren't even that absorbent. So almost eight months ago, I made the switch to this quick-drying rubber bath mat from Amazon — and I'm so glad I did.

Choose from seven sizes and 11 colors, including this stone-like gray.

$23 at Amazon

Nope, it's not stone, but it sure looks like it, which I think is pretty chic. Over the last year, stone or diatomaceous earth bath mats have taken off among home decorators on social media. They're also quick-drying, but they're hard on your feet — quite literally, you're stepping out of the shower onto a stone — and they're usually over $50.

This rubber mat is coated with faux suede, so it's a little softer on the toes. Yes, faux suede might seem like a weird choice for a bath mat, but it works — and it's also what gives the mat its convincing stone-like look. More importantly, this is a grippy mat that doesn't move, no matter how many times I step on and off.

As for the quick-drying part? The claim is true. I have a shower with a glass wall that doesn't shut (like you might find in a hotel), and while it seemed cool at first, water is constantly splashing out onto my floor. As a neat freak, it annoys the heck out of me. I placed this bath mat on the floor where the opening is, and it absorbs every bit of water that hits it. Post-shower, it dries within 20 minutes.

Bonus: When it gets wet, it doesn't feel sopping, squishy or soggy under my feet, and it's easy to clean. Once a month, I rinse it off in my shower with soap and warm water, then hang it over the towel bar to dry. After eight months, it still looks good as new — no mold, mildew or stains.

The MontVoo Bath Mat
This clever bath mat combines the sleek look of stone with the cushy feel of faux suede and rubber. (Amazon)

For a bath mat, I can't rave about it enough. I've even had house guests compliment me on it and ask where I got it. And there are plenty of other fans: On Amazon, more than 4,200 shoppers have given it five stars.

"I was looking into diatomaceous bath mats for absorbency and sanitation reasons, but those are generally pretty rough, pricey, and you have to sand them down occasionally to maintain them. Glad I bought this instead," said one five-star fan. "It dries just as quickly as those stone mats, and I've never cared about how cushy my bath mats are anyways, but at least it's soft and not abrasive compared to those $50 diatomaceous ones."

"The stone look of this mat is really nice. It's very absorbent and doesn't get dirty like the fabric bath mats we used before!" shared another.

As for its quick-drying abilities, one shopper explained: "Water doesn't pool on top; it absorbs quickly into the mat. The mat doesn't feel wet and icky when you're stepping on the wet spots, either. Our house is older and the bathroom doesn't have a fan or any kind of ventilation, except for a tiny window, so a regular bath mat or even used, hanging towels stay wet in there for a long time. But this mat dries so fast!"

Of course, if you're looking for a super-soft, thick bath mat, this isn't it. But its thinness has pros, reviewers note.

"We bought these for my elderly dad," said this shopper. "Excellent stability and easy to clean. They fit under doors easily and do not move while walking/standing on them. They actually look nice too!"

"They absorb all the water and then dry very quickly," another reviewer added. "They're super thin, which could be a con if you're looking for a plush bath mat, but was a pro for me because it fit under my bathroom door without bunching up."

A black fabric bath mat typically shows towel fuzzies, hair and dust — but not this rubber one.

$13 at Amazon

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