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I instantly organized my closet thanks to these wildly popular foldable bags

‘Great for storage and moving,’ they’re roomy, protective, portable and backed by over 16,000 positive ratings.

Confession: I own too many clothes. Between working, lounging, exercising, traveling and the occasional dressy outing, things have naturally (albeit gradually) added up over the years. And despite my attempts to ‘Marie Kondo’ my closet into shape, I’m afraid (but also pleased) to find that the majority of my wardrobe's contents (the unique patterns and shapes; all the memories!) still manage to bring me joy. This is especially true of my cozy (and preferably chunky) knits which, despite several rounds of donations, still have a tendency to pile up (what can I say? I like big sweaters and I cannot lie). All of this is to say that when I heard there was a pack of “awesome,” “durable,” “sturdy” pop-up boxes relied on by thousands of Amazon reviews for additional closet storage, I figured they were worth a try. Read on for my honest review of the Fab Totes clothing storage bags, and discover more organization favorites for getting your home in gear.

Features: Foldable | Dimensions: 21.65'' x 13.78'' x 12.4' | Material: ‎Breathable non-woven fabric with plastic window | Capacity: 17 lbs.

More than 16,000 Amazon reviewers agree: Fab Totes’ Foldable Storage Bags are an organizer’s dream.

$13 at Amazon

The Fab Totes Storage Bags initially caught my attention because they’re affordable and foldable — a solid selling point for me as a small-space (apartment) dweller. They also happen to come highly recommended; a favorite among Yahoo readers and more than 16,000 Amazon customers who’ve given them a thumbs up for their practicality and versatility:

“These totes are awesome,” wrote one reviewer. “They were larger than expected and more durable. Great for storage and moving. When filled, they stack nicely.”

“... These storage bags hold a lot more than I thought they would,” confirmed another. “They are easy for me to lift with the sturdy handles. I use them to store blankets and I also put my out of season clothes in them. I am using them to store my sewing fabric in. I find them easier to lift than totes. And the window is a nice touch so I can see what is in each bag. When filled, they store nicely in the closet. I will probably buy another set.”

“I got these for my daughter for X-mas,” noted a third. “I was surprised [by] how sturdy they are … not just floppy fabric, they actually hold their shape. Probably not forever, or as long as a wood or plastic, but pretty nice for the price and to get her set up in her first apartment.”

author photo of the fab totes foldable storage bags in the compact bundle they arrived in / the six bags after being unpacked
The Fab Totes’ compact design makes them especially great for small spaces and traveling. (Kristin Granero/Yahoo)

So … just how fab are they? I ordered a 6-pack of Fab Totes clothing storage bags to see for myself and they arrived in a small bundle within a few days. At first glance, I couldn’t believe there were six totes because they were shipped so compactly. The fabric is fairly durable (it's felt-like with thick zippers and clear plastic windows) and they’re easy to unfold so I got to work on filling them pretty quickly. I packed the bags with a bunch of sweaters and other bulky, wintry things in an attempt to organize my closet. At 21.65'' x 13.78'' x 12.4'' each, these bags — really more like boxes once you open them up — are pretty roomy, enough to fit 10-12 sweaters in my case. The zipper is pretty thick and the durable handles on each side make it easy to pull the totes out from the top of a closet or under your bed (I can also see these being really helpful when moving or preparing to drop items off for donation).

a fab totes foldable storage bag filled with sweaters
Once expanded, a 6-pack of Fab Totes contains enough room to pack up a season’s worth — or more! — of clothes and linens.

Based on my experience, I’d say the Fab Totes are also ideal for bedding (sheets, pillowcases and even comforters), kitchen linens, soft toys and — given they fold down so easily and compactly — small spaces (such as apartments, dorms and bedrooms). My only complaint is that I wish these bags had clear windows along the sides from which you pull the handles for added visibility. And, while the thinner fabric allows for more breathability and flexibility, I'd prefer it were just a tad thicker. Or, as one reviewer put it, “There are no hard reinforcements to keep the cubes in a standing position, so stacking is a little precarious. All-in-all, for the price this is a good value and enables you to organize your stuff for a few dollars.” Because of the plastic component, these bags are not machine-washable, but I’m happy to report that, with a little water and detergent as needed, they are easy to clean. Grab a set — they're often on sale — to help with an organization project (think spring cleaning or a seasonal transition) or to keep around the house or in your trunk for when you may need a reusable bin that can hold a substantial amount and is ideal for carrying.

Features: Foldable | Dimensions: 21.65'' x 13.78'' x 12.4' | Material: ‎Breathable non-woven fabric with plastic window | Capacity: 17 lbs.

Scoop up Fab Totes’ clothing storage bags in one of four shades and varying quantities for all of your organizational needs.

$13 at Amazon

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