Husband Says He Won't Make Wife Dinner Because She Refuses to Make Him Breakfast: 'She Can Make Her Own'

In an effort to divvy up household tasks, the man writes that he and his wife "agreed that I would make dinner each night and she does breakfast"

<p>Getty</p> Couple arguing in kitchen.


Couple arguing in kitchen.

A man is going viral after sharing that he will no longer be making his wife dinner because she doesn't always cook a full breakfast before heading to take the kids to school and going to work.

In a now-viral post on Reddit, the man explains, "My wife and I have two kids that are both in daycare. My wife will take the morning shift, which includes getting the kids up, getting breakfast and to the daycare."

He, meanwhile, handles "the night shift," which entails leaving home (where he works remotely), "getting the kids from daycare, doing dinner and starting to get them ready for bed."

In an effort to divvy up household tasks, the man writes that he and his wife "agreed that I would make dinner each night and she does breakfast. She already makes food for the kids so it's literally just making an extra one of what she is already making."

<p>Getty</p> woman making breakfast


woman making breakfast

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But in recent weeks, he says, she hasn't been making breakfast for him.

"For the past month, she will either not make it at all for me [or] not tell me that it is done," he writes, adding that some days, his wife will cook a large breakfast before getting the kids dressed and other days, she simply makes them toast before taking them to school and commuting more than an hour to her office.

"I have talked to her multiple time and explained that it is not considerate," the man writes. "We got into an argument and she told me I am home so just make my own food. I explained I may be home but I am doing my job."

He continues: "Yesterday she didn't make anything and I had enough. She came home and I didn't make her anything for dinner. When asked, I told her she is home and can make her own food."

"This started a huge argument and she called me a jerk," the man adds.

The post has ignited a flurry of comments on the AmITheA------ subreddit, with many arguing that the husband doesn't realize how much more challenging the wife's schedule is.

"I think the problem here is that in the morning there is a deadline. She has to get to work on time and with an hour commute there is some variability due to traffic," one commenter wrote. "So her priority in the morning will be speed. At night, it's different, because you won't get fired if you don't get the kids to bed on time. There's just less pressure there ... By you getting kid duty at the less time-pressured part of the day, you are getting the better end of the deal."

<p>Getty</p> man preparing a healthy meal at home


man preparing a healthy meal at home

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Others argued that the man wasn't looking for advice — but validation.

"I'm sure both feel invalidated and they're gonna need to work on that. He needs to approach it with 'I understand your feelings and they're valid, here is how I'm feeling...' and if there's still no movement then they should find a couples therapist because there's a disconnect they need help with," the person wrote.

Still others argued that the husband should probably be cooking both breakfast and dinner, considering his more flexible schedule.

"Seems like the idea of sharing duties isn’t an even split," wrote one commenter. "It seems that since she has a 1+ hour commute sharing the duty could be more cooperative. He can fix breakfast while she dresses herself and kids."

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