Hunter Schafer celebrates “The Hunger Games ”with throwback of DIY Capitol costume

"I remember finding clearance orange gaudy fabric at JOANN's," the 'Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes' star previously recalled to EW.

Hunter Schafer was a member of the Capitol long before her turn as Tigris in The Hunger Games prequel Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

The Euphoria star, 24, celebrated the release of the prequel with a throwback photo of herself dressed a "generic Capitol person" on Halloween at the age of 13, adding that the movie is for the younger version of herself.

"I don’t like being sappy on here but this experience has meant the world not only to me now, but to 13 year old me," she captioned the Instagram post, "who I don’t think could’ve dreamed of doing something like this someday. This is for her."

<p>Hunter Schafer/Instagram</p> Hunter Schafer in her DIY 'Hunger Games' Capitol costume

Hunter Schafer/Instagram

Hunter Schafer in her DIY 'Hunger Games' Capitol costume

As Tigris, Schafer is the cousin of Tom Blyth's teenage Coriolanus Snow and a future Capitol stylist. She also shared the photo with Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on his late night show last week.

Schafer previously shared details about the costume in conversation with EW ahead of the film's release. "The movies came out at a time when my love for fashion was starting to take over,” she said. “It was also a time when I was interested in androgyny and that's something I saw in the movies and the Capitol. I remember finding clearance orange gaudy fabric at JOANN's."

She also said she'd be game to step back into the world of Panem for a potential Tigris spin-off, citing room for more storytelling about Tigris and Coriolanus’ eventual estrangement. (In the original franchise, Eugenie Bondurant's Tigris hates the tyrannical president of Panem.) “I want to know what happens, even if I wasn’t playing her,” Schafer said. “I want to know how we get there.”

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is in theaters now. You can buy Entertainment Weekly's The Ultimate Guide to The Hunger Games here, or on newsstands.

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