Human Barbie Claims She's Never Had Plastic Surgery

A Brazilian woman whose appearance has been compared to that of Barbie claims she's never had plastic surgery.

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Andressa Damiani, a veterinary physician with a 20-inch waist, 32F breasts and long blonde hair, will admit only to wearing blue contact lenses to make her eyes appear more doll-like.

And while she's also been compared to Elsa from Frozen, Damiani says people's response to her appearance isn't always positive.

"I've had strangers tell me they are disgusted to look at my face and they fear me when they see me walking past," she said. "People run away when they see me."

Damiani claims she's had "doll-like features" since she was a child, and was shunned by her classmates on a daily basis because of it.

"For as long as I remember I have always looked like a doll," she said. "I hardly wear any heavy make-up on a daily basis, I don't diet and I walk my dogs for exercise.

"I like resembling a doll and I receive many lovely messages from fans."

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As for the haters, Damiani only says they shouldn't be afraid.

"They think I'm insane and I only care for beauty but they shouldn't.

"I want to show the world that everyone can be a doll. You don't have to be skinny or blonde - just create your own look and be happy."

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