Huh? Here's What 'IYKYK' Means on Social Media

IYKYK meaning

If you open up your phone and see a text or Instagram comment with a term you're unfamiliar with, you're not alone. Whether it's an acronym loved by Gen-Z or an example of Boomer slang, there are plenty of head-scratching moments we all have while scrolling. Terms like "ISTG," "SMH" and "ICYMI" can be a little confusing, and "IYKYK" is no exception. What's IYKYK's meaning, anyway?

No worries—we'll cover what this term means when you see it online or when texting, and how to use it properly. 

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'IYKYK' Meaning

'IYKYK' stands for "if you know, you know." It's typically used along with an inside joke or while referencing a topic or detail that not everyone would be familiar with.

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How to Use 'IYKYK'

Here are some examples of how to use "IYKYK" in a text or social media post.

  • Just got done watching the most recent episode 😳 iykyk

  • Wearing pink on a Wednesday #iykyk

  • Nope, never going to brunch ever again (IYKYK)

  • Yeah, so, IYKYK...that movie ending was wild.

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What Is the Full Form of 'YKYK'?

Some people simply text "YKYK," meaning "you know, you know," as a shortened form of "if you know, you know."

This shorter term, however, is used in a way like, "Get it?" or "You know what I mean?"

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