Hughesy's cheeky Ubergate swipe in opening monologue

Olivia Morris
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He revealed who would be on his Logies hit list last week, and Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes didn’t disappoint when he delivered his opening monologue at this year’s Logie Awards.

One person who received a particularly savage roasting was – of course – Karl Stefanovic, after his infamous Ubergate scandal with brother Peter Stefanovic.

Bringing up how guests will be returning to their hotels at the end of the night, Hughesy looked squarely at the Stefanovics and warned them to “be careful”.

Hughesy took a cheeky swipe at at Karl Stefanovic and the ‘Ubergate’ scandal. Source: Nine

Going along with the joke, Karl held up a photo on his phone of a ’13 CABS’ advert.

“Whether it’s an cab or Uber mate, leave a tip,” Hughesy said. “They don’t have to make any extra money selling the story to New Idea.” 

Karl took the opportunity to promote 13 CABS instead of Uber. Source: Nine

Back in March, New Idea published an interview with an Uber driver, who claimed to have heard an explosive 45-minute conversation between Karl and his younger brother Peter, in which the Gold Logie winner said his co-host Georgie Gardner needed to ‘step up’ after taking over Lisa Wilkinson’s hosting role.

Awkwardly, Hughesy then went on to joke about how Lisa jumped ship to Network Ten’s The Project.

“Anyway,  Lisa Wilkinson is probably glad she  left,” Hughesy joked.  “You left for pay parity I  know. You weren’t getting that were  you? No.”

Going one step further, he joked about how the tables have turned with Lisa reportedly now “earning double” what the other The Project panelists do – to which Lisa replied with a cheeky thumbs up.

Lisa gave an awkward thumbs up to the camera. Source: Nine

“Don’t blame me for that joke,” Hughesy continued. “Blame Carrie and Waleed.”

Oh, Hughesy. What a legend bringing all the LOLs to the Logies.

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