How to make a wine rack

Simply stacking wine bottles may seem efficient, but pulling a special drop from the centre presents a problem.That's why you need a system that supports individual bottles while keeping them as close to each other as possible. Enter the humble 90mm drainpipe. You can create a wine-storage unit simply by fitting short sections of pipe into an ordinary bookcase. You can use a second-hand bookcase, or pick up a new raw-pine unit for about $125 at a pine warehouse. It's the easiest project you'll ever make because you don't have to build the cabinet, just modify an existing bookcase.

It's a matter of storage

Storing wine in your home has two purposes. One, you'll always have a bottle of your favourite on hand. Two, certain wines improve with careful cellaring, becoming softer and more complex. No need for a cave under the floor, just pick the coolest, darkest, quietest place in your home. Heat, light and vibration are the enemies of wine. So, on top of the fridge is the worst place and the bottom of a cupboard, under the stairs, is the best. Corked bottles must be kept on their sides so the cork stays moist while screw-caps are fine standing or lying. Drink whites within a year or two; in 3-5 years, good reds mature from upfront youngsters into smooth, more interesting adults.