How Diana ‘destroyed’ plans for Camilla to be Queen

Kristine Tarbert

Prince Charles’ plans to make the public accept new wife Camilla as a future Queen were brought down by Princess Diana, a royal biography has claimed.

The Duchess of Cornwall has never been the people's favourite, but royal author Tom Bower claims in his book Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, that Charles ‘stubbornly fought’ to change public opinion of her in the '90s.

However, his ‘plot’ to make Camilla a beloved member of the royal family and a future Queen in the eyes of Britons, was ‘destroyed’ when his ex-wife Diana passed away.

Prince Charles wanted the public to accept Camilla. Photo: Getty
Princess Diana 'destroyed' Charles' plans for Camilla to be Queen. Photo: Getty

Having organised an extravagant 50th birthday party for Camilla in July 1997, Tom says that Charles’ was determined to “transform her from adulteress into a suitable wife for the heir to the throne - and future queen”.

But Diana’s tragic death in a car accident the following month saw Charles’ ‘plans’ fall apart.

"They're all going to blame me, aren't they? The world's going to go completely mad,” the prince reportedly told royal aids.

Diana was of course remembered as a loving and dedicated mother, a people's princess who broke through stiff royal protocol, and a champion for charitable causes other people wouldn't go near.

Camilla on the other hand, remained the 'other woman' in the eyes of the public.

Charles and Camilla were married in 2005. Photo: Getty

Popular opinion was so against Camilla, that even after Charles gained his mother's permission to marry her in 2005, their official website made it clear that Camilla would never be crowned 'Queen'.

Clarence House, the couple's royal residence in London, specifically stated that Charles' second wife would take the title of 'Princess Consort' when he ascends to the throne as 'King'.

However now, 20 years after Diana's death, it seems that might be about to change, and the Duchess of Cornwall could become 'Queen' after all.

The 'Princess Consort' line has been completely removed from the couple's website, fuelling speculation that title will no longer stand.

Twenty years after Diana's death, Camilla may become Queen after all. Photo: Getty

And the website isn't not the only place the term has disappeared from. Camilla's title as ‘Princess Consort’ has also been removed from her personal biography, according to the Daily Mail.

Even Buckingham Palace’s website seems to no longer mention it in Camilla’s profile, paving the way it seems, for Queen Camilla.

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