Hot Sauce Belongs On Your Popcorn

bowl of popcorn with hot sauce
bowl of popcorn with hot sauce - Ivan Munoz Colorado/Getty Images

Popcorn is a light and delightful treat that pairs well with lots of seasonings and spices, thanks to its relatively neutral flavor. While purists often claim that the only adornment popcorn needs is butter, there's another addition that can really turn up the heat. Adding hot sauce to popcorn creates a spicy, crunchy treat that soars to flavor heights plain popcorn is incapable of reaching.

Hot sauce on popcorn actually has origins in the beloved Mexican street food, palomitas con salsa. This snack can also feature lime juice, which adds some bright acidity to further accentuate the spicy flavor. As for how much hot sauce to add, that's completely up to you. More hot sauce naturally means more heat, but keep in mind that more sauce also makes for a messier snack. In this case, it helps to keep some napkins handy while you enjoy your spicy treat. You'll also need to consider which hot sauce is best for your upgraded popcorn.

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Types Of Hot Sauce To Enhance Your Popcorn

person holding bottle of sriracha
person holding bottle of sriracha - The Toidi/Shutterstock

Hot sauce gets its kick from capsaicin, a chemical found in peppers of all varieties. However, hot sauces can also contain additional ingredients, such as vinegar or even sugar, which means that flavor profiles vary from brand to brand. For example, sriracha is a popular sauce that hails from Thailand and features garlic, which gives it a bit of depth. Chile lime hot sauce is another option if you want to maintain the original palomitas con salsa flavor.

Certain types of hot sauce, such as those made in the Louisiana style, can even feature fermented peppers. Fermentation dials back the heat a bit, but results in a more nuanced flavor. Hot sauces that contain chipotles create a smokier flavor profile for your popcorn, as chipotles are actually dried and smoked jalapeños. Other brands can range from fruity to tangy to rich, depending on the recipe. For further inspiration, here's a ranking of the best hot sauce brands to help you choose.

How To Flavor Popcorn With Hot Sauce

woman opening bag of popcorn
woman opening bag of popcorn - Aleksandar Jankovic/Getty Images

For a quick, no-fuss snack, simply add your preferred hot sauce to a bag of freshly popped popcorn. When using this method, be sure to shake the bag vigorously to evenly disperse the sauce. You can also pour some of the popcorn into a bowl and then add the hot sauce. This is a good option if you're making popcorn the old-fashioned way (and here are a few compelling reasons to make popcorn on the stovetop instead of in the microwave).

While these methods are easy and effective, you can combine butter and hot sauce for a truly decadent spicy snack. With this technique, mix a bit of hot sauce into a bowl of melted butter according to your preferences. You can also utilize a neat wrapper hack for mess-free melted butter in the microwave to keep your snack simple. Popcorn goes well with all sorts of flavors and seasonings, but combining it with hot sauce ensures a bit of heat during your next movie night.

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