What Simple Cooking Hacks Do You Have To Save Money On Meals?

Let’s be real: Feeding ourselves (and our families!) can get exhausting.

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It can also get really expensive. Sure, it’s cheaper than getting takeout every night, but it still adds up!

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So we want to know: What small changes have you made while cooking that have cut down on the cost of your meals?Did you spend a weekend planting herbs so you can have rosemary, basil, or cilantro whenever you need it?

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Did you decide to stop buying cartons of stock and switch to making your own stock with the leftover chicken bones?

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Do you buy in bulk and vacuum seal portions to freeze so you can take advantage of bulk deals?

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Whatever your easy money-saving hack is, we want to know it! Leave your tip in the comments below or, if you prefer to stay anonymous, feel free to use this Google form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.