Home and Away's Matt Evans on working with an intimacy coordinator

Home and Away star Matt Evans opens up about the 'importance' of having an intimacy coordinator on set.

Video transcript

MATT EVANS: Yeah, with an intimacy coordinator. Obviously, we've got one here. And I feel like, maybe, a lot of coordinators processes might be different. It depends on who you get, I guess.

But they will basically get you into the room and you talk about what you are comfortable with, what you're not comfortable with. And just the simple things of asking permission before you touch each other. And just making it known how important these steps are in the process of intimacy when you're on a set.

There's like a sheet you can fill out, as well. And you're like, just from 1 to 5, how comfortable are you? And then you do like just basic things of touching. You're touching each other's hands, shoulders, things like that. And then you just kind of go through all the where-- what you're comfortable with, like where you like to be touched and not like to be touched.

And yeah, that's pretty much the process of it. And then obviously, it's just-- it makes you comfortable to ask each other the question of, you know, what are we going to be doing for this scene. So when you go to film stuff, it's a lot easier.

And a lot of the time, you don't really rehearse the intimacy until you get on the set when you're doing the scene. But a lot of the time, you'll probably chat with your partner about it beforehand. You'll be like, hey, I feel-- there's a kiss scripted here. We cool to do that.

Or sometimes, if it's not scripted, you might want to put one in there just for effect. And you can talk to each other about that. But yeah, it definitely makes it a lot easier.

It's weird if you just rock up in the set and there's no intimacy coordinator. And it's like, you two, kiss. It's like, it's-- yeah, it can be weird like that. So it definitely makes it a more chill process.