Home and Away's Jacqui Purvis reveals how she wants her character to die

Home and Away star Jacqui Purvis sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to answer some 'this or that' questions!

Video transcript

JACQUI PURVIS: Action. That's really tough. That's a really hard one. I'm going to say action. To see the future. I would really like to speak five languages fluently, to be honest. I also want to learn French. So many, like, goals. Goals. Speak five. Yeah.

Power to read minds. Definitely the pow, pow, pow, pow. Power to read minds. Yes. That'll get annoying, but yeah. Killed off. I want a really dramatic death. Like, a really, like, intense, gory, like, everyone's crying and it's-- yeah, death. Die.

Being embarrassed. I don't want to be afraid. Oh, my god. That's really hard. Oh, my gosh. Oh, no. Beyonce or Taylor Swift. Her new album is so good. I'm getting Taylor Swift. But it's Beyonce. Oh, my goodness. I'm going to-- I'm not going to be able to sleep after this. OK, Beyonce. I'm so sorry, Taylor.