Home and Away's Georgie Parker reveals how long she plans to stay on the show

Georgie Parker is currently taking a break from filming Home and Away, and she tells Yahoo Lifestyle about her exit plan.

Video transcript

GEORGIE PARKER: I'm lucky that with "Home and Away" or any other TV product-- productions I've been involved with, I've been very fortunate that I kind of put it out there, if it's going to be long term, that I need time out to do plays. And channel 7 has always been very generous with letting me do that and ask for that. So yeah, I just get it written into my contract so the negotiation is more does it suit the storyline?

I think because "Home and Away" revolves around the younger cast members, it doesn't break any storylines in half if I take time out to go. So, yeah, so I'm lucky in that way. Oh, look, I'm very fortunate that they're very flexible. And they let me go to do other things, which is very important to me. And I'm very, very grateful for it.

Look, I mean, I adore working with Ray. I adore working with Emily. And they're-- they're the cast that I usually revolve around a lot-- and Lynn and Ada and Jimmy. And honestly, while Ray's there, I wouldn't leave because my character is his daughter. And my storyline revolves around him.

While Ray is on the show, I won't be going anywhere. Mark [INAUDIBLE], who's the artistic director of the ensemble, decided to revisit the piece again last year when we did a big sort of celebration of David's 50 years in the industry. We did a piece from it, just a scene from it. And everyone went, oh, you know, this is good. And Mark said we should relaunch it. We should do another production of it.

This is a great play that was written by David Williamson 13 years ago, actually, this year. And Glenn Hazeldine and I did it originally 13 years ago. And we had a ball. We were both sort of in our mid to-- he was in his early-- oh, no, you were 39. Oh, my god. He was a baby. And I was in my mid-40s.

And when we first did the play, because of our ages, it sort of resonated in a certain way. And now that we're 13 years older, the whole play resonates in a very different way because things mean different things to you when you're older, and you feel like options might not-- you know, might be running out. And I just think the comedy hits in a different way and, yeah.

So it's matured into a really interesting and fun, you know, volatile, you know, two people who are completely ill matched together finding a way to be together kind of way. Yeah, so it's a good, old romcom, really. Mark [INAUDIBLE] is just brilliant. I've worked-- I've been lucky enough to work with him quite a few times actually. I think twice as a director now and twice as an actor and-- no, three times as a-- I can't remember.

But I've been working with him since-- for about 18 years now. And he's just fantastic. And I adore working with him. And he's also-- he's also quite a good mate. And I-- it's just a fun, vibrant, you know, exciting, challenging room that we're-- when we're rehearsing.