Home and Away's Courtney Miller spills on future career plans

Home and Away's Courtney Miller has revealed that she's auditioning for Hollywood roles, but says it's 'very hard' for Aussies.

Video transcript

COURTNEY MILLER: So I got into a school about maybe two months before I finished on the show. I flew to Melbourne. Two weeks later, I started school. So that's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9 to 5 working on American scenes. Great theater writers, all these different acting techniques. So that has been my absolute joy for the past nine months, and my entire life.

And then I had to get a casual job. This was weird. I didn't know what to do. I-- being a painter, I applied for-- it's like Pinot and Picasso. It's like this paint and sip-- people come in, have a glass of wine, and I teach them to paint. So that was the most perfect job I could have asked for. So I do that on, like, a Friday, Saturday night.

A lot of theater shows-- a lot of workshops at school-- I'm just always at school, at the studio just, like, nights-- there's lectures, and-- yeah, so I've really immersed myself into acting. I haven't been partying.

Melbourne, for now, is home. But yeah, I'm not sure. But that's the fun of being an actor is you never know-- you're never sure where you're going to go. And I don't have a house. I don't have a partner at the moment, so I'm just really loving being able to-- I want to do something, go. If I have to go to America and have a holiday just to see what the culture is like, I'll do it. So I'm very lucky with that.

I've been auditioning for American staff, so that's cool to just get, like, a toe in the door in the very hard thing that is America. So both. Yeah, trying to do the business side of the acting, because for three and a half years I didn't have to do it. I was just acting and trying my best, and loving life. But now it's, like, hard business. And you have to get lucky and you have to be smart. So now that I'm finishing the course, I can really start thinking of that, and working with my agent, and trying to shift and see what I have to do next.

You know, at this stage it's just, like, getting meetings with my agents and picking their brains. But you've got to be-- you've got to be a hard arse. Sorry for the poor language, but you've got to just keep pushing. And if you don't get the auditions, you don't get the "yes," you get the "no"-- the big "no." You've just got to-- just got to keep going. But the American life is very, very hard to navigate, especially as an Australian with the visas. And it's a lot. It's a lot, but it's fun.

So my US agent said, let's get you some new head shots, and I went, OK. But it's actually really fun doing that because you get-- you get confident behind the camera and working with different people. And all in a bid to try and find what you look like on camera. Which is-- it's hard because that's you're selling-- your head shots are sometimes your selling point. Go "that's what I look like." So that was really fun.

But yeah, something exciting coming up, and then hopefully more in the future. Fingers crossed.