Home and Away's Tammin Sursok in tears during family reunion after 2.5 years

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Tammin Sursok has shared an emotional video of her reuniting with her parents in Brisbane after spending two and a half years apart due to the pandemic.

The former Home and Away star, who has spent the last 15 years living in the US, was 'finally' able to see her mum and dad in person earlier this week.

A selfie of Tammin Sursok crying while sitting in a car. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok.
Ex-Home and Away star Tammin Sursok has shared her emotional reunion with her parents after 2.5 years apart. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok.

It was a tearful moment as Tammin, 38, rushed to hug her mum, Julie who already had her two young granddaughters — Phoenix, 8, and Lennon, 2 — in her arms.

As Tammin explained in her heartfelt caption on Instagram, Covid border closures had prevented her, her American husband, Sean McEwen, and their two girls from returning down under for almost two years.

And when they were able to fly into Queensland from the States back in June, their plans to meet up with Tammin's parents in Sydney were scuppered at the last minute by state border closures.


Tammin Sursok cries as she hugs her mother on the footpath. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok.
Tammin burst into tears as she hugged her mum on the footpath. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok.

"After 2.5 years, I'm finally with my family again," she wrote in the caption.

"We couldn't come into Australia for almost two years and then when we did, there was a surge and the borders closed the second day we arrived in hotel quarantine. We were in the same state for 6 hours but were not able to see each other."

With the NSW-QLD borders now reopened, Tammin says that her mum and dad made the 10-hour drive to Brisbane to be reunited.

"I'm never letting them go," she wrote, adding that her heart is with others who are still separated from their loved ones.

A photo of Tammin Sursok with her parents, her two young daughters and her husband, Sean McEwen. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok.
Back in November, Tammin shared a throwback snap of her parents cuddling her daughters that was taken pre-pandemic. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok.

Tammin's sweet video struck a chord with her 1.3 million Instagram followers, who flooded the comments with kind messages.

"So happy for you!" one wrote, while another added, "What a beautiful Christmas you guys will have."

Tammin, Sean and their daughters have been in the country for the past six months while the Pretty Little Liars star filmed the rom-com You, Me and the Penguins in Queensland.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle back in August, Tammin spoke about not being able to visit her parents in the neighbouring state due to Sydney's ongoing lockdown.

"It was incredible to come back because I haven't been home for a couple of years," she said.

"What's been very difficult is, one of the main reasons for my coming back was obviously work but also the chance to see my parents, but that hasn't been the case because of the lockdowns."

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