Home and Away star reveals 'shocking' cliffhanger: 'Wait and see'

Home and Away is known for having outrageous end-of-year cliffhangers, and this year’s season final is set to deliver.

The epic three-episode special revolves around Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane Parata’s (Ethan Browne) wedding, and Jacqui has hinted that viewers will see many ‘crazy’ moments onscreen.

L: A car crash on Home and Away. R: Felicity sits in a car that is engulfed in flames
Tonight on Home and Away, Felicity finds herself in danger. Photo: Seven

“The finale is shocking. It’s suspenseful, it’s loveable, and it [is] very much family orientated,” she begins, before adding that her character Felicity may not make it to the wedding in the ‘supersized season final’.

Felicity has had doubts about marrying Tane since their engagement and has struggled with commitment issues in the past.

“I can tease that she does have a moment where she calls off the wedding,” Jacqui tells us. “Someone has to really, really say the right thing to get her there, and we’ll have to wait and see if that happens.”


The promos look action-packed, with what seems to be two car accidents involving Justin Morgan (James Stewart), Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou), Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) and Felicity. While all the guests wonder where the runaway bride is, viewers have seen that she’s in extreme danger, with flames enveloping the vehicle wreck she’s in.

L: Mackenzie and John look concerned. R: Tane stands at the altar in his wedding suit waiting
Wedding guests are left waiting for Felicity to arrive. Photo: Seven

The star says she isn’t allowed to give too many hints about what’s about to unfold, instead instructing viewers not to miss the thrilling episode.

“It’s [full of] love, and friendship, and family — but it’s also very shocking, and kind of crazy,” she teases.

Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) has lovingly restored their father’s old ute for Felicity as a gift, and it’s this vehicle that she’s pictured in as disaster strikes. The latest promo released by Seven shows that the reason behind the crash is an issue with the brakes in the vehicle. At this point, it’s unclear if everybody will survive the horrific collision.


Close up of broken brakes in a car
Something is wrong with the brakes in Felicity and Eden's ute. Photo: Seven

Fans have been sharing theories about what they think may happen in the episode.

“Omg is Flick going to make it to the wedding, I hope she doesn’t get hurt. I hope she gets out of the ute before it goes [up] in flames,” one wrote on social media.

“I swear if Flick doesn’t get out I’m gonna riot,” another commented.

“If anyone dies, I think it will be Gary,” a third guessed.

“Omg, big season finale, hope no one dies and Leah is okay,” a fan added.

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